Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Savannah, Savannah

My friend Heather was visiting over the hoildays and we had to take a picture to prove that Savannah was actually letting Heather hold her. This is such a huge breakthrough. Heather was here over the summer and back then Savannah would only let me or my mom hold her. I just think it is amazing that in a few short months she has gotten enough courage to let others hold her. My sister has been staying at my house for almost two weeks and now Savannah will approach her and sit with her. My baby is growing up. How exciting!

One of the books I remember reading as a child had to do with cats. It talks about cats all over the world and how they do amazing things, but "my cat likes to hide in boxes". I am beginning to wonder if Savannah is a cat. She will sit in any box or container and prefers it to almost any other activity. She will unload whatever was in the box and make herself comfortable. It is quite entertaining to say the least!


Kim said...

So fun to see Heather, she is looking so good, what is she up too. Isn't it a happy day when they finally stop wanting Mom so much, we are just entering the oh no mommy is gone stage with Landon.

The Flynn's said...

Hey Mary Ann,

One of my friends (that actually lives in Marva's old apartment) says she knows your friend Heather. She said they went to college together. Wierd! Her name is Bonny. You can see her blog from my blog.

Jaime said...

hey, i was just wondering how Heather was doing and if you'd seen her lately! good to see her.