Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thank You

A quick thank you to Papa Frank and Tessa, for taking time out of their busy day, when they drove out here and spent some time with us. It made my life easier because for once when Ryanne asked her daily question "Can I go to Papa Frank's house?" or "is it May?" (thats when we are going to visit), I was able to say "Papa Frank is coming to our house!" We love you both and loved being able to spend the morning and lunch visiting and playing with you. Thanks again!


We finally watched Enchanted. I decided we would let Ryanne and Jonah stay up late and watch this movie with us. It was really cute and a fun movie. There were a few scary parts, but overall I would say it was ok for the kids.
When Giselle took the bite of the apple and fell to the ground and was then taken to the elevator by the evil queen, Matt looked over at me because he heard sniffling. Ryanne was sitting in the middle of us and she had tears streaming down her face. She was so worried about the princess. Matt and I started to laugh, quietly and just watch her, because she was so upset. It was so cute and one of the funniest things I have witnessed in awhile. Everything turned out alright and Ryanne was asking to watch it again the next day even though it brought her to some serious tears!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I am a Daring Baker! and got paid for it

I have joined the Daring Bakers! This was my first challenge- Cheesecake Pops. They were delicious and fairly easy for me- Check out the details and recipe here. To see other people's take on this challenge go to the Daring Bakers Blogroll!

The day that I was baking these pops, just for fun, my dad showed up at my door and handed me a twenty dollar bill. He was having a meeting at the LDS Employment Center where he works and wanted me to make some desserts that "old people would like". I said sure and contributed these and two other tasty little treats.

I saw both of the other recipes in Rachael Ray Everyday (magazine) and have been wanting to try them for a while. The brownies were really dense and dark with a slight coconut taste in the topping and the Lemon Meringue Cupcakes seriously tasted just like Lemon Meringue Pie- it was amazing!

To get the recipes for Brownie Bites and Lemon Meringue Cupcakes just go to my food blog!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Guillotine? or Choking?

I am not really sure what Savannah was trying to do, but she sure doesn't want to sit still for very long.

I love Cake Decorating

I have really enjoyed the current cake decorating classes I am taking. I have learned how to make all kinds of flowers with royal icing, fondant, gum paste, and buttercream. I feel more confident in my skill level and hopefully someday I will be able to do this as more than a hobby!

Daisies, Daffodils, Primrose

Pansies, Victorian Rose, Primrose, Daisies

Fun, Fun and more Fun!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Great Way to Celebrate Earth Day

I have to give a shout out to one of my neighbors, Andrea. A couple of weeks ago on her blog she was talking about the recycling program in our county. She had just found out about it and wanted to make sure that everyone was aware that it was possible and easy to recycle here. She was going to make a flyer containing the information about what can be recycled and how to go about doing it, attach a blue recycle trash bag to the flyer and hand them out to our entire neighborhood. Well, she did it! Yesterday I got my first blue bag from her and her children, along with another woman in the neighborhood, who were out walking and distributing the flyers.
So, I am so excited that she took the time and energy to educate everyone in our neighborhood about the recycling program. I am excited about it too, because they have made it really easy on us. We don't have to sort the trash ourselves, just put it in the blue bag and add it to the normal garbage container. Then they will sort it later. So, we started today- there is no time like today to make a difference. Thanks Andrea for all your hard work!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

We Did It!

Jonah's interpretation of what happened this morning

Matt and I woke up at 4:50 am and got ready to go to Salt Lake this morning. Gma and Gpa came over the stay with the kids and they met us later. We parked the car, walked to Trax, and went up to The Olympic Bridge on the University of Utah Campus to get started on our half-marathon.
The whole purpose of this adventure for me was to get in shape and have a goal to motivate me and work toward. I am not sure what Matts' goal was, I think just to run it so he could say that he has run a half-marathon.
The great thing about it was that the weather was nice and cool and we had timing chips tied to our shoes, so our exact time started when we crossed the start line instead of when the race actually started. Matt and I were waiting in line for the 50 port a potties when the race actually started, so we were about 10 minutes out from the starting time.
We started out strong and stayed together for about the first 3 miles and Matt said he lost sight of me at mile 4. I was feeling great, running quick and passing people like crazy. My 6 mile time was awesome and I really thought that if I could keep it up I would be really happy with my end time.
Then came the mental wall I hit right about mile 11. I was talking myself out of what I was doing and being so negative (I need to work on that). I didn't stop, but I slowed way down and thought that the race was never going to end.
It did end and Matt ended up finishing right after I did. Found out later he hit the wall at 11 too, but he positively boosted himself to the finish line.
I guess the important thing here, is that we accomplished our goals and finished the race.
I was a little disappointed, but at least I trained so I am not sore! (NO COMMENT BY MATT HERE :)
Our bodies are amazing and the capacity they have to move and train to do these type of events.
I guess it is amazing too, that 4 months ago, I struggled to run 3 miles and today I ran 13.
It was fun and the best part was the canteloupe cubes and chocolate creamies at the finish line- Matt went for a hot dog (after running 13 miles, just looking at that thing made me want to you know what!) and of course, our family cheering us on and showering us with congratulations!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Jonah's first Field Trip and his Dinosaur Sandwich

Jonah had his first Kindergarten Field Trip today. They went on a bus all together with the morning and afternoon classes and he got to pack a lunch. He was sooo excited to show all his friends the Dinosaur Sandwich. He was talking about it all week, ' Don't forget I want a dinosaur sandwich in my lunch'. I thought it was so cute how excited he was about something so simple. Usually he gets out before lunch so he never gets to eat at school with his friends, so this was a big deal.
I found this sandwich cutter at a Kitchen store, but any cookie cutter would work. I am all for something that makes meal time a little more exciting!

Ryanne's New Hairdo

I always thought that I wanted my baby girl to have long beautiful locks. It wasn't a big deal when she was smaller, she always let me fix her hair cute and it stayed fairly nice looking as the day went on. But now, she is so active, running and jumping, crawling through things, rolling around on the ground, etc., that her hair always ends up looking messy and crazy! She also is to the point where she takes out her hair clips and bows, so the fix- A haircut!

I was a little cautious at first and last week we just got a little cut off. Then I took her back today and decided to go wit a bob. I think it is really cute, more managable and she loves it.
I am so proud of Ryanne too, because when she was sitting in the chair getting her hair cut, she was soooo good and well behaved!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I am Trying Not to Obsess About the Weather

Maybe it is because I have lived in Georgia prior to this for 7 years, but the weather is driving me crazy! I know that is all I have even posted about for awhile, but it is getting a little ridiculous! We had one really nice day this past week where we were able to go outside without shoes, eat ice cream cones, and play, play, play. It was really windy but about 75 or 80 degrees.
I was so excited because I thought that winter and cold were FINALLY gone. Then, the next morning, clouds, rain, snow (Again?) and freezingness. Yesterday and today, more of the same.
If you live in this state, you are feeling my pain, but maybe you are used to it. I am trying not to compare Utah and Georgia, but I long for the days of warm sun, that start early in the year, Georgia is on my mind. It seems like about this time in Georgia you are waiting for the pools to open and just getting excited because it feels like summer! I need warm weather and when it does eventually come to stay-You will not be hearing ANY complaints from me!

Ice cream cones on the front porch

Savannah was making the cutest faces, she loves ice cream

Hanging out and enjoying the SUN

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Adventures of the Little Puppy

This little puppy showed up on our porch yesterday afternoon and provided us with
unending opportunities for excitement and adventure

We followed him up and down the street

Through other people's yards

And couldn't get enough of his slobbery licks and kisses or furry coat

Thank You Mr.Sun!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I am not a Movie Critic

I am just like everyone else. Some movies I love and some I hate.
We had a lazy friday night and watched 2 movies. The first one was Martian Child, which I liked and thought was a good, clean movie. (Don't you love it when you watch a PG movie that is actually interesting?)
The 2nd movie, to stay on the adoptive child, missing parents, storyline was August Rush.
I know that everyone on the planet has probably already seen this movie, but I have to put my 2 cents in about how much I liked it. This movie transported me into it. I loved the characters and the actors who played them. The music was beautiful and I really enjoyed the story. Movies are supposed to take you to another place and make you believe that what is unraveling before your eyes is really happening. I felt it. I know that there are going to be those out there who disagree with me, but I connected with this movie and really liked it. Plus, once again, I am happy when you can watch a feel good, PG movie and not have to say- well, I really liked it, except for this one part... etc. So, there is my movie review! If you haven't seen this, check it out and enjoy.

This is one of my favorite shots and a great scene.

Gotta love this jam session, even if they aren't really playing!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Ok, so l May Not Be The Smartest Cookie.......

But, I just realized that I wasn't linking the recipes on the side of this blog to the actual recipe on my food blog, it was just going to the main page. So, I have gone in and changed it, so that if you click on one of the links it will take you to that recipe. Sorry- I just figured it out because someone asked for a recipe- so now you know!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Where Have All The Blue Skies Gone?

Snow. Hail. Dark Clouds. Rain. Frost.
These are not the words that I typically think of to describe the month of April.

But, that is what we have been experiencing the last couple of weeks. It has snowed and hailed so much that I am beginning to wonder if it is really January!
I am dreaming of blue skies, green grass, sunshine, flowers, baby animals, swimming pools, the beach, a warm breeze, and being able to go outside without a winter coat and gloves!
Maybe when the kids beg to play outside, I will be able to say Yes! without wondering if they are going to end up frostbitten!- ok, that is a little bit of an exaggeration, but Come on~ Spring, where are you?
Do you have spring where ever you are and will you share some with us?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

TWD-The Most Extraordinary French Lemon Cream Tart

The latest adventure over at Tuesdays with Dorie- and boy, was it good! Luckily, we had a family dinner where this was the star of the meal. For the recipe and more pictures go to my Food Blog!

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Ryanne, Whitney, Jonah and John (notice how Jonah has cleverly placed himself between Whitney and her fiance- he is trying to get used to the idea that she is getting married!)

One of the hardest things about moving is leaving behind friends.
It seems to me that being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints makes the world a little smaller and it is easier to see friends that you knew when you lived in another place.
Such is the case with my friend Whitney. We were good friends when I lived in Georgia and I think I helped her in her decision to come out to BYU. That was at least a year before we knew where we were going to be moving and long story, short- now we live a short distance apart.
We were lucky enough to go and meet her fiance, the other night and see her Mom, and some other friends from Georgia at her engagement get together. Jonah and Ryanne had a great time running around with the other kids and we all drank a little bit too much of the Fruit Punch (it had a little bit of Sprite mixed in). It was pretty late when we started on our way home and we thought for sure that the kids would sleep the entire time. Ry didn't last long, but Savannah on the other hand, that girl was out of control. Me and Matt were laughing so hard because she was so hyper and going crazy in the car, all the way home. I tried to catch a picture of it, but it just isn't as humorous as what really happened.

Good to see old friends

Savannah was happy to be awake- Funny girl!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Got Some Overripe Bananas?

Instead of making the same old Banana Bread (which I love, it is good)- Try this simple, but delicious Lots-of-Ways Banana Cake- I made it last night and it is a winner! Click here for the recipe!