Sunday, January 20, 2008

Girls Day Out

Cute girl, not related to me, in a pretty, modest dress
Back in September, my mom, my sister and I got together for dinner and then we went to the General Relief Society meeting. Afterwords, we were talking about how much fun it was with just us- no boys, no kids, no husbands. Girls Day Out was born. In october we went shopping and december we watched a movie but when the new year started we decided to step it up a level. We got our calendars and mapped out our Girls Day Out dates for the whole year and put one of us in charge of picking out an activity.
Saturday Jan. 19th was our first official Girls Day Out of 2008!
Lucky me, I was in charge of our day. I was brainstorming, trying to think of something that would be fun and girly. I was looking on the internet and saw that a Modest by Design fashion show was taking place at Thanksgiving Point. I thought that it sounded fun and girly, so I decided to get us tickets. We went to the show and they announced that they were giving away door prizes and in order to win you needed to read the program. The first prize was a years supply of milk and a family of 8 won that. Then they announced the next prize was a free makeover from Calla Salon.

As you can see I am in need of a makeover and I know it!
So, when they were asking for people out of the audience to come on stage and answer questions, I jumped up and started screaming and waving my arms! Everyone knows how loud I am, so it is really no surprise that I was chosen to go for the gold! There were 5 of us on stage. I am also quite competitive and I really wanted to win! I answered a question right and they narrowed it down to 2 of us. My mom and Lar were yelling for me and because I had so much spirit, the people around them were cheering too! What was the outcome? I won, of course! My mom and Lar were laughing so hard because I was so loud and excited to win. Pretty cool, I think.

The fashion show was fun. It was themed "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and all the music was from the 80's. The hair and makeup was from that time period too. It was a great start to our day.
To keep the theme going, I decided we should go and watch 27 Dresses. It opened this weekend and we were right in time for a matinee. It was really cute and definitely a perfect Girls Day Out chick flick.
Right around the time we got out of the movie theater, Lar was supposed to meet her boyfriend for dinner. Me and mom were hungry too, so we just invited ourselves to their dinner date. We made our way from American Fork and met him in Salt Lake. We couldn't decide what to eat and we didn't want to wait. Laura Dawn was naming everything imaginable and then she drove by Chick-fil-A . I will pause here for everyone to be amazed because there is actually a Chick-fil-A in Utah that is not in a Mall Food Court. It is true. I saw it with my own eyes, it even has a playplace. I wanted to eat there really bad (our family is suffering from Chick-fil-A withdrawal) but I thought about it and felt guilty because whenever we ask the kids where they want to eat, they yell 'CHICK-FIL-A!' I realized I would have to take Matt and the kids to that location later. We ended up going to IHOP
We couldn't end the night there because I looked across the parking lot and saw a Barnes and Noble and I love looking at books, especially when I have time to look at books I am interested in (i.e. no kids are with me!)
Lar left with her boyfriend and my mom and I made our way back home a little after 10 pm.
I have to say it was a pretty great day! The only thing missing was Audrey- we missed you Aud!


The Flynn's said...

That's awesome that you won a free makeover. How fun! I sure miss being able to have girls night out with my sisters, although me and some girls from another ward here in Cartersville got together Saturday night for dinner and a movie and also saw 27 Dresses. It was really cute! I recommend it.

Alton & Angela said...

I love your blog it is so fun! It sounds like you had a great time. A free makeover I'm jealous I need one.....

Murray Family said...

Can wait to see the makeover pics. Maybe they'll offer me some inspiration!

Kim said...

So fun I would love a night out with thte girls, I can't wait until Landon is weaned. I also just wanted to pass along a blogger tip. Next time you want to add a link (instead of writing out all the addresses on your post) when you are writing your post in the little box (there is a little icon that looks like a green earth with two eyes), so type the word you want example: Barnes and Noble then highlight the word then click the little icon and a little box comes up and you can type the address in there that way when your post is done all you have to do as a reader is click over that word (barnes and noble) and you can click on the word and it will take you to that website. I don't know if that made sense at all and maybe you already know how to do that, but I just thought I would let you know, because I thought it was pretty handy. If that doesn't make sense let me know and I can explain it better. Glad you had a fun time, sorry for the long post.

Laura said...

that sounds so fun! well, i just have to make a quick note about heath ledger since you were the first to introduced me to 10 thing I hate about you and i've loved that movie ever since. thanks to bringing another hunk to my life!

Jaime said...

That's really neat! Congrats on the big win, now you'll have to post a blog after your new look! I love how you have neat family activities to attend in Utah. And I love the 80s, so that sounds like it was a lot of fun.