Monday, January 28, 2008

Gordon B. Hinckley

Last night when a friend texted me and told me that President Gordon B. Hinckley had passed away, I hadn't heard the news, so we immediately turned on the tv (advantage of living in utah) and saw the breaking news. I felt an overwhelming rush of peace and comfort as I sat there and listened to the newscaster relay the details of his death. They spoke with such reverence. I have taken the chance to reflect on his life and the inspiration he has been to me in my life.
I will never forget one of the experiences I had when I was in the MTC. We were told that there was going to be a special broadcast in the Tabernacle, where President Hinckley would give a talk about missionary work. There was to be a special missionary choir that would sing special hymns and sit in the choir seats in the Tabernacle. I was already in the choir and we started practicing for the special occasion. We took a couple of buses from Provo to Salt Lake and got to go "backstage" where the choirs wait before they take their seats. We were seated and I was lucky enough to be in the second row from the front.
I will never in my life forget the feeling in that sacred building when the 12 Apostles filed in and took their seats. I was 10 feet away from all of them and they turned to us and gave a thumbs up, a smile or a wave.
Then complete silence. Everyone in the building immediately rose to their feet and an indescribable spirit overtook the room.
I could literally feel President Hinckley's presence before I could see him. Then I saw him and was completely overwhelmed with the love I knew he had for me and everyone in that room, as well as in the world. He inspired me that night with his words of truth, as he had many times before and so many times since.
I know he was called of God and has now been called home. What wonderous reunion is happening right now. I feel so blessed to have been on earth at this time to hear his words and see his wonderful deeds. What an example of dedication and an inspiration to me of the type of person I should try to be.


Holly said...

Thank you for sharing that sweet story and testimony. I remember singing for him at Utah State and something about him made you want to do your absolute best. He made you believe that you can do you better. What a wonderful life!

Jaime said...

Thanks for sharing that. I enjoy hearing stories of people that were able to be among his presence, and just the feeling that is there when he was near. We will miss him so much!

Audrey said...

Thanks so much for sharing that Mare. It so sweet to hear your testimony.