Thursday, June 18, 2009

Here is another boring update with no pictures. Believe me- I have tons of pictures to download.

Like the ones of Ryanne catching a frog with her bare hands out of grandma's pool with absolutely no fear.
Or the ones from the Grand Canyon, a month ago.
Or the cute ones of my kids strolling with Jaime's kids down the street.
or Beckys beautiful hydrangea.

the list goes on.....

We found a house! So that is blogworthy, right?
It is one that Matt, Scott, and I looked at a couple of weeks ago. It was remodeled completely 2 years ago, so everything inside is really new.
It is on a 1-acre lot and I volunteered to mow the lawn.
It isn't huge, but who needs huge? And after living in my parent's basement and staying in the upstairs at my in-laws, I am sure there will be more than enough room for all of us and our belongings that have been in storage forever. If there isn't room for it, I guess it will find a new home somewhere else! My kids all end up sleeping in the same room at this point anyway.
The house is going to be inspected tomorrow and hopefully we will be closing on it sometime near the beginning of July.
We are having a father's day BBQ this weekend, so my month long absence from baking will end. I get to make a cake!

We are also planning on going to Aud's and Scotts for the 4th of July. Should be an exciting time to be in our nations capital.
Hopefully I will have our computer set up as soon as we get in our house and then I will overload all of you with millions of pictureS!

Friday, June 5, 2009

So, I am pretty sure no one even looks at this blog anymore. I hardly even remember it exists.
BUT, the fact is, we made it to Georgia about a week ago and maybe someone didn't know that.

I took pictures of our trip- we hit the Grand Canyon, the largest cross in the western hemisphere, Oklahoma City Memorial, and got to see my grandma and uncle&aunt too. It was a fun trip. Much less horrible than I thought it would be to drive across the country with kids.

It was actually fun. That is probably mostly because Matt is a fun person, so anything he does, ends up being fun.

We are still looking for a house and for that reason I haven't set up our computer yet. I don't have anywhere to upload my pictures, so I will have to get on that as soon as I can.

Right now we are really enjoying playing, swimming in the pool, and just spending time together.
Hope you are having a great summer!