Sunday, May 25, 2008

We are back

We are back from vacation but I took so many pictures and am busy packing up our house, so I am posting some of them now just so there is still something new to look at!

Shooting Bows and Arrows, Visitors, the Bird Bath and More

Savannah played in the sand (and ate quite a bit)
Papa Frank let all of us take turns shooting bows and arrows. It was fun! Ryanne was very concerned for the deer target, so we didn't shoot at that. We all went for the Stegasaurus instead. We also had a visit from Betsy and Lee! Yippie!

Playing at the Park with Tyler

Uncle Reid (Read) a Book

Ryanne asked Uncle Reid what his name was and when he said- Reid, she said "like read a book?" Then she started calling him Uncle Reid a book. She said it really fast and it was funny to hear.

Athens and the Trip Home

Our Trip to Milledgeville

We were able to go back to Milledgeville to visit and hung out at Betsy's house all day. It was fun to play outside. I am not sure why Jonah was making that face, but he was excited about his new Georgia shirt.

The Fair

We went to one of those fairs that they set up in mall parking lots while in Georgia. Jonah totally suprised me by going on this ride. It takes you up, up, up and then drops down super fast. I wouldn't go on it, but when he got off he said "That was awesome!"

Ryanne went for the Carousel. She was very upset when we left because "the horses need me and they are going to miss me!"

Sorry the pics are so bad, it was my camera phone.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Getting together with Old Friends

Jonah and Madelyn playing "boyfriend and girlfriend"
Jaime was my first really great friend after Jonah was born. Madelyn was born a couple of months before him and we started walking together everyday when they were just a few months old. We hung out all the time and eventually had other children that are right around the same ages. It was so great to get together with them! We had lunch at a cute little cafe and then went to Becky's and talked forever while the kids played. It is so great to be able to talk like we saw each other yesterday even though we hadn't seen each other for a year! I had never even met Brinleigh in person. (She is basically an angel baby). It was so nice that the kids played for hours and never fought or started crying. I had so much fun and realized (Again) what a great friend Jaime is! It is so nice to have someone listen and really just love you for what you are. I miss her and her family so much!

Natalia and Savannah

Madelyn and Jonah posing for the camera
Savannah and Brinleigh

Playing with Cousin Tyler

We had so much fun playing with our cousin Tyler. We were going to go to an exciting place to play but they wouldn't let Jonah in because he was too old. We went to McDonalds instead and the kids had a blast!

Visiting the Cemetery

We walked up to the cemetery and visited our cousins headstone. It was a nice walk and good to talk to the kids about their cousins, Julia, Scott, and Jeremiah.