Monday, January 14, 2008

Gym Dawgs

So, The Gym Dawgs were taking on the University of Utah for the opening meet of the season.
My brother, Jacob, goes to the U, so we got tickets for the kids, and my sis and her date and we took on the Huntsmans Center. It was a sad scene, as we were the only dawg fans in sight. Then I looked over and saw a bunch of G's in the middle of the section next to us. I got excited and hoped they weren't Granstville fans (see earlier blog for that joke!) They turned out to be family members of one the gymnasts from Las Vegas, so they weren't too hard core.
It was pretty exciting, especially when an elderly man (at least 80) yelled over to us "Sit down and SHUT UP!" Things were looking good for us through the whole meet and after the first three rounds we were ahead by a few tenths of a point. But then 2 gym dawgs fell off the beam and it looked like it was going to be a close win. When the final scores were posted, we ended up losing by .10 of a point! It was sad and we had to quietly make our way back to the car. It was fun because we even had my brother cheering for Georgia and Savannah was singing ba baba ba ba (the tune of GO Georgia Bulldogs) . Ryanne had been singing it all week and then Savannah surprised me by singing the tune with her babas. I mean she really knows the tune. It is so funny. Kinda sad (no offense Matt), when I thought about the fact that the first song she has actually learned is a Bulldog song, but I guess it comes as no surprise, right?


The Flynn's said...

Sorry about blocking you out of my blog. I changed it so that only invited readers could look at it but I didn't have your email address to send you an invite. Anyway, I finally got it from Jaime. So about the gymdogs, my sister and sister-in-law were there. Did you ever meet Russell and Michele (Scott's brother and wife)? Anyway, they live in Saratoga Springs and my sister lives in Eagle Mountain and they were there. You can see a picture of them from my blog (go to Michele's blog). Maybe you'll recognize them. Wish I could have gone. That looks like fun!

Jaime said...

I think that is really cool about Savannah singing the GA Bulldawg song!!! Your family are truly GA fans to the core! i love it. anyway, I really wish I could have been there, Madelyn used to love going to see them while we were in Athens. And I really wish I was there to eat all the yummy food you've been cooking. Thanks for the very sweet comment on my blog, I've always looked up to you, too! Thanks for being my friend!! oh, I somehow erased Audrey's blog. Ask her to email me or can you email it to me again? I was wondering how they were doing. She can check my blog out too. I'm excited to tell her I will finally be going out of the country this summer and can't wait to blog my heart out about Spain!

Flynn Fam 6 said...

So funny! I totally remember seeing you guys. The reason I remember is because I saw the "G" shirt!!! I recall thinking, wow besides him I guess it is just Jenn and I rooting for the Dawgs!!!! We are going to see BYU up against the U on Feb 8th. It is in Provo.I