Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Recent Recipes

My sister Audrey wanted me to make a list of my favorite/recently tried recipes. So I am going to try and link up the recipe if it is available on the internet. I think I am going to just add it to my overall page and just update it as needed. I have included the link to the most popular of all the cookies I made for Christmas- Macadamia Lime Snowflakes. I had to increase the baking time by 10-15 minutes and don't bother cutting in into snowflakes, just cut into bars and eat.
One of the recipes I made tonight was Roasted Tomato and Red Pepper Soup. I altered the recipe a little bit. I added a can of chicken broth instead of the tomato juice, added dried oregano and parsley and pureed all the veggies instead of half. When I make it again I am going to cook the onions and garlic until soft at higher heat because they were a little bit crunchy. It really tasted great with French-toasted Tuna and Hummus sandwiches.
I had some leftover cranberries from the holidays so I made the cranberry muffins the other morning. Savannah and Ryanne couldn't stop eating them.
I also wanted to apologize about the music I had on here. I accidentally downloaded a song or two with not so great lyrics. So sorry, if you pulled up the page and heard it!


Holly said...

Mary Ann, you've turned into the chef/pastry chef extraordinaire! Awesome! I'm all for great recipes. Keep them coming!

Nate and Marva Jones said...

Hey Mary Ann-
What a wonderful surprize to hear from you on my blog. Sorry it has taken me so long to write back. I just recently had to "privatize" my blog due to unwanted comments from strangers... but I will "invite you" so you can come back. I hope you are doing well!
Send me your email address...
here is mine-
Love- Marva

Murray Family said...

I am so happy that you have the recipes up! I can't wait to start basing my meals on your postings. Almost as good as being there and having you cook for me!!

Kim said...

I am so impressed, do your kids actually eat soup. My kids are so picky about not eating soup. If I make soup like taco soup or chicken corn chowder I always have to make a seperate meal for the kids. Maybe I cater to them too much. Oh well. I admire that you cook,I have just been looking for some new recipes I am getting tired of the five that I seem to make all the time. Keep postin em.

Mary Ann said...

My kids eat whatever I make for dinner because I just don't give them a choice, so, yes, my kids ate this soup. I can't say they love everything I make but they do eat it.