Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sometimes you just have to laugh......

at the mess and go with it! Ryanne kept begging me to let her paint the other morning and luckily, I made her do it outside.
These pictures explain what happened, no words are really necessary. Hey, at least she had a good time, right?

You definitely can't have too many baths in one day!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fall (Warning, tons of pictures!)

I really love this part of fall. The leaves turning colors, a cool breeze, but still sunny and warm. We decided to pick up our good friend Heather and head to the local canyon. We took a lunch and took a hike. The leaves and colors were absolutely gorgeous. We had to dodge cow pies and horse droppings on the trail, but it was worth it to hear a babbling stream and enjoy a great day in nature!

These might be my favorite pictures of Ryanne, she was having so much fun in the leaves

and dirt!

Monday, September 22, 2008

I know I promised no more Phelps, but.........

I love this picture. You don't ever really see pictures like this. I like it because it shows that Phelps is really a humble person. I think that is why he is so cute to me. He just seems real, you know?
We saw him on tv the other day and Jonah asked "if you weren't married to Dad, would you marry Michael Phelps?"
I just had to laugh. I mean how do you explain that
1- I would never want to be married to anyone else than Dad
2- That is never going to happen
3- etc. you get the point
I just said no. I guess we have been joking and talking about it too much, Jonah is starting to get worried!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Getting Ready for the Cold

Originally, when we moved into my parents basement, we thought it was only going to be for the summer. So, we didn't mark any of the boxes we packed and only brought summer clothes. Well, when we decided we were going to stay here and live in their basement a little longer, we knew we would have to go to the storage unit and find some stuff. I, for one, was not excited about this endeavor. I had no idea where anything was and it was stuffed in there pretty tight.
Matt had a morning off because some friends were coming from out of town, and we went to the storage unit. We found the clothes we needed and all the ones that we don't need anymore. I spent the rest of the day sorting through every piece of clothing my children have ever had and ended up taking it to the local consignment store. I made some money (Yippie) and we also got all of our winter coats, hats, etc. so, we wouldn't have to go through the boxes again. The girls were pretty excited about all the wintery stuff and decided to try it on.
I didn't realize until later that Ry had on her Santa pajamas.

Our friend Jeff flew in from Georgia to drive with Matt to this weekend's game in Arizona. Matt wanted to take him into Temple Square and show him around since he had never been here before. They went to the temple and toured a few other sites as well.
Another friend is flying in today and Matt is taking him to the game, as well as 2 of the players on the team that he works for. They are driving all night, trying to hit Las Vegas on the way down, and the Grand Canyon on the way back, all before midnight sunday when Mitch has to fly home.
In some ways I am jealous that I am not going- not so much of the driving and being squashed in a small car with a bunch of guys, but it will be fun for them and everybody knows the Dawgs are gonna win tomorrow!
I can't wait for them to be back and I know the kids are going to be asking where Jeff is in the morning!