Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What happens when you have kids+ woodchips + dog pen?

= a huge, but nonetheless, fun mess. My dad decided that the dogs needed more woodchips, a fresh layer of them, for their pen. The kids decided that they needed them also. So, while I was faithfully making dinner, the kids were making a mess and getting woodchips all over the place. In their hair, clothes, etc. They didn't seem to mind, even when they had them down their pants which couldn't really feel good.

I really can't complain- they were contained for awhile and they sounded like they were having fun. And it's not like I locked them in there or something. They went by choice and closed the gate behind them. Although the pictures make it look like I was trying to lock them up. Good times as usual around here!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Ryanne is 4!

Ryanne turned 4 on Saturday! Luckily, her birthday was on a Saturday, so we had her little party on that day. (My pictures are still loading all scrambled). She invited 4 little friends and got to wear her new horse outfit. I made her a pony cake and convinced her it would be great if it was white with a rainbow mane and tail (Less mixing of frosting and food coloring gel for me!) I actually printed off a picture of Rainbow Brite's horse and that was the look we were going for. She loved it!

Matt directed some games outside on the trampoline. We had beautiful weather, a little chill in the air, but the sun was warm.

Ry received a little make-up kit from one of the party-goers and they immediately started using it. Savannah got into it too....

Overall it was a great day and alot of fun! It also starts what I like to call Birthday craziness here because everyone else in our immediate family has there birthday within a period of 4 months, not to mention 2 cousins, 2 aunts/uncles, 1 grandpa etc. and it is also Halloween ,Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day- I guess it will be party time for the next few months! Fun, fun fun!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ready for Halloween

Okay, for some reason Blogger is loading all my pictures in the opposite order that I want them. So, these are all backwards. By the way, Bana loves her babies and she is wearing the costume that Ry wore at age 1. Does anyone else think it is strange that Bans can wear a 12 month costume at age 2? especially a leotard type thing?

I finally found a costume for Jonah. He wanted to be whatever he saw, but I didn't want him to be some action figure that he knew nothing about. So, when me and Lar went to Costco they had this astronaut suit and I bought it to see what Jones thought about it. Looking at it hanging up, he really didn't love it, but once he put it on, he loved it! He said he was going to wear it everyday until Halloween.

His snow boots are the perfect accessory. They are called "moon boots" for a reason!

We had our ward party tonight and the young women did face painting. Ry wanted me to take a picture of her "pink unicorn" that she requested. I thought they did a pretty great job. It was fun, but I would've enjoyed it more if Matt would have been there- darn Friday night Football! Hopefully he won't have a game next week, because I don't want to take the kids Trick or Treating in the freezing cold. I know I am a wimp and a party pooper, but I hate being cold!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

That was fun

I went to Lar's house last night and got to sleepover because it was closer to the Pier 49 store I had to go to. We went to bed really late, but it was fun having her help me do my hair and makeup.And she hooked me up with some cute jewelry, because somehow I packed all my in storage. Plus, she went with me, so I had some moral support. We were the first one's there and when the camera crew came I got to put my pizza together first. It looked really pretty. Then the other 3 finalists put their pizzas together and I don't know yet who won. Even if I don't win, there well be a spot on studio5, next Thurs-Oct.30. I might be on TV! If not my face, than my pizza. They ran us out of there early, before anyone tasted the pizzas.
Lar and I went to the health store that was next door and I stocked up on red lentils, quinoa, and all the other yummy stuff you can't find here. Then we headed to Costco to see if we could find Ry a b-day present.
Then I came home to see my sweet girls and Matt. It is interesting how much I missed them and how strange it was to just wake up and get myself ready instead of taking care of everyone else.
Bana was playing peek-a-boo and Ry wanted to turn my grocery bag into a monster.
Fun stuff! Thanks for the nice comments everyone! I love you all and appreciate your support!
The host noticed my Georgia apron as soon as he came in and commented on it. Pretty nice, thanks Becky- I love it!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I am a little nervous

I just found out this afternoon that I am 1 of the 5 finalists in a little cooking contest. I don't ever watch tv, but the other day, I happened to flip it on and saw on studio5 that they were having a contest in connection with Pier 49 pizza for the best, creative pizza recipe. I debated if I should enter the Greek Pizza I invented for Lar's birthday and realized the deadline was just a few days away. I decided not to enter, but then thought- what the heck, why not?
So I sent off my recipe and today received a call telling me to show up on Thurs. at 8 am at the Pier 49 Pizza place for a cook-off. I have to bring my sauce and toppings ready to go and then the judges will pick a winner. Studio5 cameras will be in the house and the winner will appear on their show next week. Pier 49 will also start serving the winning pizza on their menu.
I am pretty nervous. Wish me luck!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Matt's Nanny

Matt lost his grandmother on Friday afternoon. It was expected. Her health had seriously deteriorated in the last few months. I met Nanny a few times and we would visit her whenever we could. She lived in an assisted living residence and didn't really recognize her family, but she was a cheerful. We took Jonah to see her and she was always so happy. She didn't always know who we were, but she was just a happy person. It was so nice to go and see her because you knew that she would be smiling and that she would appreciate your visit. When Jonah was a toddler, he would get right up on her lap and just talk to her and snuggle with her. It was so cute. I feel bad that I don't have any pictures of them together.
I always wish that I could've know her before she started to lose her memory and that I could relate when Matt tells me stories from his youth.
We were unable to attend her funeral today. That is one of the sad things about the distance between us and Matt's family. It is hard to know that everyone is there together and that we are not able to be with them.
Nanny, we will miss you, but are glad that you will be free from the things that held you back here on earth and know that you are with your family now, up above.

I have the best Taste Testers

They are always willing to try whatever I make. Sometimes they can't wait for the pictures to be taken, they have to try whatever it is right away. They always tell the truth and well, it doesn't hurt that they are cute!