Friday, April 22, 2011

Some Easter Festivities

We had some of our Easter festivities a little early this year. There were a few reasons for this, one being that Grandma had to work Easter weekend and we all decided that doing our egg hunt the week before would be better for everyone.

We dyed some eggs to hide in the hunt. We dyed lots of eggs. Somehow we ended up with a bazillion of those little egg coloring tablets. We had about 15 different containers of colors and then ended up just dumping a bunch of the tablets together to see what color we could make. The kids called it "baby barf green". It took about 2 seconds for an egg dunked in that color to be done. Those little tablets are powerful! Especially when you combine 13 of them in one bowl!
These pictures are not the greatest, but at least I have proof that a fun family activity happened!

The next day we went to Grandmas' house for the Egg Hunt!!!!
We also filled some plastic eggs with candy and brought half of our hard-boiled eggs. So did everyone else. There were tons of eggs to hide and find!
Here are some of the children with their precious treasures.
Adrienne found the GOLDEN EGG!!
Isaac was enjoying his egg tremendously.
Ryanne found a giant blue egg stuffed with candy.
Savannah was happy with her eggs too.
Tyler liked finding eggs, but he was more excited about the skink that he caught, which wound up being put in a plastic egg.

Jonah was nowhere to be found during this part of the egg hunt because he was too busy searching for eggs. He didn't bother with the hard-boiled ones. He only picked up the ones that were filled with candy.
Here are all the cousin participants.
Joined by some of the adult egg hiders and happy watchers.

We had a really fun time.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Is it Matt?
No, just a smaller version that looks just like him.
Jonah & Ryanne are playing baseball this year. Jonah hasn't played since he was 4 and decided this was a great year to give it a try again.

Most of the kids on Jonah's team having been playing since before they were 4, so Jonah had some catching up to do. His season has been going on for a few weeks and he has really improved. He has a great coach, who is a good teacher and Matt has taken some time to help him practice batting and catching.

In his age group, the boys pitch to each other and the games are not always super exciting. (Don't get mad at me for saying that- it's just the truth!), but this past weekend, he really had an exciting game.
His team really pulled together and played well and I was just amazed at how much some of the players have improved in just a few weeks. It was a really fun game to watch.
Here are the girls with their big brother after his game.

I haven't remembered to take the camera to one of Ryanne's games yet, but I will make sure to get a couple of her. She looks really cute in her uniform and she is enjoying learning the basics of baseball with some new friends.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Some people just do things their own way

The other night I walked into the bathroom to see if Savannah was brushing her teeth.
She was. In her very own, creative, acrobatic way.

If you try this, make sure that your feet get in on the action too.