Friday, December 17, 2010

Jonah the Spider and Sunsets

Last week, Jonah was in a play at school. He tried out a couple of months ago and got the part of the "Spider". The play was "Little Red Riding Hood: The Musical" and after months of staying after school for practice, it was finally here. The picture above is the only one I got of Jonah during the play. He did great.
Thanks to my mom for making his cool spider costume! He loved it!
After the show, demonstrating how his "legs" worked.

Ryanne was so excited to see her brother on stage in the play. She loved it.
Grandma Gus hugging her little spider

Ryanne and her classmate went onstage after to try out some of the props

We have had some really beautiful sunsets lately, with lots of colors.

The kids out enjoying the beauty
On a side note- I can't believe that Matt's b-day, my b-day and Christmas are all coming up in a week! Ahh! Time goes by too quickly!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Savannah turns 4!

Savannah had her 4th birthday over the Thanksgiving weekend, so yesterday we invited a couple of her friends over for a little celebration.

She wanted everything to be princess-y.
I was trying to get some natural looking shots of her, but she kept on pulling faces. Funny Bana!

All the girls dressed up in their favorite princess gear and we had cake and ice cream. The lone boy at the party had his light sabers on hand, so that none of this princess stuff would sink in too much.

We are so lucky to have Savannah in our family. She is so happy and helpful.
We love Savannah- Happy 4th Birthday!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Perfect Weather for a Fall Day to Play

I love today because it was 70 degrees and sunny. We were able to run around at the park without jackets or coats. This might be my favorite thing about November in Georgia- beautiful weather and sunshine.
Some of Jonah and Ryannes' friends happen to be at the park due to the fact that they attend the local Rec dept.'s after school program. This made for lots of fun and no whining about there not being enough children at the park to play with.

(This picture was taken after all the other children had left, thus the reason why the park looks so barren)
And, in other news- Savannah still falls asleep in some pretty wierd places late at night with lots of toys in reach.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to Ryanne!

Today Ryanne turns 6 years old~!
Ryanne is such a happy little girl! She makes everyone smile. We love her so much and we are so glad she is a part of our family!

Over the weekend we had a party for her with some of her girlfriends. The weather was beautiful, so they were able to play some games outside and everyone had a great time. She wanted a Littliest Pet Shop birthday, so that is the theme we went with.

She was very specific on her cake. She wanted 3 layers of different sizes. Pink cake (I made a white cake and used food gel coloring), purple icing and Pet Shop toys on top. I found a set of Pet Shops that were called "Festive Friends" and it actually had the pieces to make them celebrate a birthday party.

It was a fun day. Tonight we are going to meet up with family for dinner at Chick-fila, per request of the birthday girl!
We love you Ry!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our Weekend Trip to Savannah

About a month ago we had the exciting arrival of a new cousin- Isaac Russell! We were all really happy to have a new cousin/nephew and decided to make a trip down to meet him, as well as visit with Adrienne, Russ and Tiffany.
The completely ironic thing is that I held baby Isaac for a few hours while he was napping and spent quite a bit of time looking at him, but I didn't take any pictures of him! I can't believe it!
I only took pictures when I had my purse physically on my body, since that is when I remembered I had a camera.
I'm sad that I didn't get a single picture of Isaac. He is so cute and perfect. So beautiful.
Russ and Adrienne took us to catch fiddler crabs near their house. It was really fun. We got there right after the tide had come in and there were literally millions of fiddler crabs running for the grass. It was really cool, but kinda grotesque at the same time to see so many of the little guys swarming around. I tried to get a picture of them, but it just didn't work. They were too fast.

I guess fiddler crabs are known for their uneven sized claws. And they like to dig and bury themselves in the mud. I don't really know anything else about them. There were some that were big and some that were tiny.

We collected as many as we could in a bucket.

Then we let them go.
Matt set the 2 biggest ones up to duke it out. It was really funny to watch because they actually did fight and go after each other. One of them got the other one around the neck and clamped him down.

We also made a trip out to Tybee Island since Savannah has never been to the beach before. We weren't sure if the water would be nice enough to swim in, but it was a warm day and the kids wanted to get in.

Luckily, I had packed their bathing suits, just in case.

They had a blast.
Playing in the water
Digging and playing in the sand

They probably would have been happy to stay there all day.
I see a beach vacation in our future.