Monday, September 27, 2010

Greek Night and Banners- ever the bad sleeper

I am the worst at updating this blog, but I finally got some pictures ready so here goes.

A couple of weeks ago, Jonah studied Ancient Greece at school. He had to do a project at the end of their study and he really want to do a restaurant. He made the signs and costumes and I made the food. It was really delicious and fun. Jonah was really thinking that someone might drive by our house and be really hungry and decide to stop. It was cute to see him so excited. The Greek recipes will be on my food blog soon.

It's no secret that Savannah isn't a great sleeper. Since she was born, sleeping just hasn't been her thing.
Now that school has started, I have to put Ryanne to bed first and then let Savannah go to bed later, so that Ryanne can fall asleep quickly. When Savannah is in their room with her at night, she keeps Ryanne up because she is singing, playing and doing all sorts of un-bedtime type activities.
Savannah still wakes up almost every single night and comes into our bed. But now she is quiet as she enters our room, instead of crying, so half the time, I am completely unaware that she is there.
Anyway, the other night we put her to bed in her room and a few hours later when we went to bed, this is the sight we saw. Savannah was in our bed, tightly gripping my deodorant, with her toys and my glass of water, and the top of my jewelry box.

She says that she "loves me too much", so I guess she had to get a few of my things to comfort herself so that she could fall asleep.
Maybe this isn't that funny to anyone else, but I could not stop laughing when I saw this ridiculousness.