Friday, December 17, 2010

Jonah the Spider and Sunsets

Last week, Jonah was in a play at school. He tried out a couple of months ago and got the part of the "Spider". The play was "Little Red Riding Hood: The Musical" and after months of staying after school for practice, it was finally here. The picture above is the only one I got of Jonah during the play. He did great.
Thanks to my mom for making his cool spider costume! He loved it!
After the show, demonstrating how his "legs" worked.

Ryanne was so excited to see her brother on stage in the play. She loved it.
Grandma Gus hugging her little spider

Ryanne and her classmate went onstage after to try out some of the props

We have had some really beautiful sunsets lately, with lots of colors.

The kids out enjoying the beauty
On a side note- I can't believe that Matt's b-day, my b-day and Christmas are all coming up in a week! Ahh! Time goes by too quickly!!