Friday, August 29, 2008

That Dear Old G!

We decided to take in a JV football game with the kids, so they could see Uncle Matt and/or dad in action. It was a perfect day, warm, but not hot, with a beautiful breeze. The kids had fun playing in the bleachers.

Audrey and I went to the Varsity game and it was so funny because the guy sitting behind me said ' That is the coolest purse ever'. If you don't know already, I will tell you that the high school where Matt works has the exact same G symbol as The University of Georgia. The same colors-red and black. So, the person behind me thought I had a purse that was representing the high school. Not so. When we went to Georgia on our last trip, I was in need of a new purse and saw this one for $10, so I bought it. I am an alumnus, so I guess I was trying to show a little bit of pride. It is just so misunderstood out here. For further proof check out the new uniforms for the football team. They got new helmets this year and Matt was really excited because they were just like Georgias. Anyway, it was really fun to see Matt in action on the sidelines, even if the Georgia G was everywhere. I guess I am just going to have to get used to it and accept it. It takes time :)
p.s. who is pumped to see the opening game of the season tomorrow?!!

Interesting Places I have Found Savannah Recently

The past few days, I have found Savannah just happily doing her own thing, like blowing the whistle while aboard a makeshift train?

And looking slightly crazy, playing with soap in the bathroom sink. She does like to wash herself, so maybe this isn't so crazy. She sure is cute, no matter what she is doing.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

W and Savannah Playing the Piano

These two were having a blast, pounding away. Yes, for a few brief moments they stopped screaming at the top of their lungs and enjoyed each others company. These two really just don't know how to handle each other. It is very amusing to watch.

Friday, August 22, 2008

First Day of School for Jonah

I know, I know, typically there would just be one picture of the child going to school, looking nice and neat with a normal smile. I tried, really I did. But, it just didn't happen. There was too much going on and too many "animals" trying to get in the pictures. We had an exciting morning because the cousins are here and everyone was excited to see Jonah off to his first day of 1st grade. He was most excited of all and made sure to tell me that he wouldn't miss me at all. Well, I teared up on the way home without him because he is going to be gone all day. It goes too fast. Really.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Finishing up the Parade of Homes

Me and my mom went and checked out a couple more of the homes for the Parade of Homes and took Savannah and Ryanne with us. They were amazed by all the fun stuff and didn't want to leave! I am not sure why Ry is hiding her face in some of these pictures, but don't you love the huge tub, indoor slide (again) and little golf green in the backyard? These houses were only going for 1.5 million, so they were more in my range! HA HA- I really do like those chairs that are attached to the bar in the kitchen though. Maybe, someday~

This is the last thing I am going to post about Phelps- I promise!

Here is the editorial that was in the local paper yesterday- I highlighted what I really liked about this article and I posted it on the fridge. I think it has an important message.
"Michael Phelps is king of the world.
He has won more gold medals at the Olympics than anyone else. His eight golds this summer likely never will be eclipsed.
He is above comparison.
In interviews, Phelps has said if he were to do it over again the results likely would be different. He thought that extra half-stroke he took at the end of the butterfly cost him the race. It won him the race. And if any of his teammates had let him down, his "team" gold medals would have melted away.
We forget that swimming is also a team sport. It's impossible to rate accomplishments without other factors.
But that doesn't stop commentators and newspaper pundits from trying. The debate rages now over who is the greatest Olympian of all. Does Phelps eclipse Bruce Jenner? Or does Jenner's varied skills make him better? And how does Phelps stack up as an athlete when set against Jim Thorpe, Michael Jordan or even Tiger Woods?
The bickering is mostly to create conflict and — by extension — interest that drives readership and viewership. But in recent years the practice of ranking everything has become a nasty American habit. All things must fit snugly into a best, second best, third best pattern — all the way down to 500th. We do it with movies, sports moments, even attractive women.
The funny thing is, such comparisons are pointless.
In the case of Phelps, for all anyone knows that ancient messenger who ran the 26 miles from Athens to Marathon and died was the most gifted jock of them all.
We waste a lot of time comparing people.
Perhaps it's time for Americans to adopt a practice that is popular in Asian cultures. Rather than rank people so there's one winner and a long list of losers, they offer up "groups" of accomplished individuals. In a poetry competition there won't be a "best poem" but a collection of poetry for readers to enjoy.
Instead of a photo of "the greatest," the image that emerges is a group picture of people who deserve our respect.
That would be a healthier way to look at the nation's Olympic athletes. Each gets to stand on a pedestal around the modern Parthenon. Jenner is there, Jesse Owens, Mary Lou Retton, Carl Lewis. And, of course, Mark Spitz and Michael Phelps. And rather than bicker about which pedestal should be the tallest, we could simply admire them all.
It would make their lives — and ours — a bit simpler and much more rewarding"

Monday, August 18, 2008

Birthday Time-What a Great Weekend!

Lar and Jake are just 2 days apart. Well, more like 7 years and 363 days apart. What I mean is, that every August we get to celebrate their birthdays in close succession. It is fun! I made both of them cake and ice cream, of their choice, as well as birthday dinners. Somehow Jonah got involved in all the blowing out of candles, although I think Lar beat him to the chase. The funniest thing about Lar's birthday was how excited Ryanne was. I told her this morning that it was Lar's birthday and when I went to pick her up from Primary, I noticed she had a coupon for a free ice cream cone and a Happy Birthday sticker on her dress. I didn't think too much about it, until we were sitting down, and I started to wonder what it was for. Turns out, she told her Primary teached today was her birthday and they believed her. She got to stand up in front of everyone and they sang to her and gave her a little coupon. She was so excited, I guess she forgot whose birthday it really was! We got a good laugh out of that, especially since Jonah was in the same room and went along with the whole thing.

Lar loved her Peaches and Cream Chiffon Cake with homemade Rasperry-Lime Sorbet and homemade Vanilla Raspberry Ice Cream. I love her side view in this picture. What is she doing? I don't know, but she does it cutely.

Jake requested a light cake, with blueberry filling and swiss buttercream and homemade root beer ice cream. I thought it was somewhat of an odd combo, but it all turned out great. (Check out my food blog for more pics and all the recipes)
Somehow Jonah got in on this one too.
Savannah just looked on in amazement.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

He Did It!

Need I say more? That was an exciting week. I am wondering why I haven't watched the Olympics since 96.