Wednesday, February 27, 2008

No longer in high school.... and happy about it

Matt is the athletic trainer at a local high school. I hadn't really gone to any games, except one, to which I took the kids, and so I really wasn't that invested in any of the teams. The girls basketball team was really having a great season, so I went to the first round of their state tournament, which was at home. I left the kids at home and I was hooked! The girls were so good and it was fun to cheer for someone. It was electrifying because they won and the crowd was going crazy! There were news cameras there taping it and asking people questions. It was really quite exciting. Matt had told me about the players and I felt like I knew them and wanted them to succeed.

The next week was the state tournament and it was only 35 minutes away, so I decided to go! I really wanted to be there to cheer them on to victory. Then, it all came rushing back. The viciousness of people and how sports brings out the worst in some people.

As I was sitting in the crowd, I realized I was sitting by some of the fans of the opposing team.
It got really heated in there. I was two rows away from a potential throw down and I found myself thinking some pretty ugly thoughts about the opposing team, the referees, and the fans!

I took myself back to when I was in high school, playing in the state tournament in a college arena and wondered what horrible things the people in the crowd were thinking, saying, and yelling about me, my teammates, etc. I felt a bit of shame for my thoughts and criticism of the opposing team, and reminded myself that they were just a bunch of young girls, who were fragile and probably filled with self-doubt. I also reminded myself that most of the people surrounding me were just human too, and I decided to give everybody a break and keep my mouth shut!

When it was all over, unfortunately we did not come out on top and I was just so glad that I have gotten past that stage in life and moved on to what I am involved in now. The pains of being a teenage girl (just look at some of the facial expressions on these girls -sheesh!)

As a side note, our team is really young and really good, so I am looking forward to next year!
(All you bulldog fans- notice the Georgia G- it is quite famous around here)


Holly said...

Ok, Mare, that's bringing back some serious memories for me, as well. Wendover comes to mind. Branch dividian compound also. I so would not go back, either. I'm happy to be a mommy, although I would love to be able to move like that again. . .

Jaime said...

Those girls don't look like high school! wow. hope yall are doing well, Talia turns 3 next week, can you believe it? She wants a Barbie Mariposa cake! Wish you were here, I'd hire you to do it!

The Flynn's said...

You absolutely could not pay me enough money to go back to high school! It was fun, but glad it's over! I see the G on the uniforms. That's so funny.

Tiffany said...

High school, no thanks, but I'd do college again.