Monday, February 25, 2008

Jonah's 6th Birthday

Jonah turned 6 yesterday! On Saturday we had a party with his friends and went with the Diego theme. Matt hid stuffed animals and toy animals in the basement and they had to rescue the animals in trouble. We had a pinata, ate cupcakes, and opened presents. It was fun!

Jonah taking a whack at the monkey pinata

Savannah enjoyed the food too

The all boy crew

Jaguar cupcakes

On Sunday, we had a family dinner, Jonah chose homemade pizza(the recipe is on my food blog), broccoli, strawberries, and ended with a yummy monkey cake for dessert. We are so glad Jonah is in our family.


Jaime said...

Happy Birthday Jonah!!!! We remember your very first birthdays, can't believe you're 6! Diego party sounds very very cool! Madelyn would've loved to be there.

Audrey said...

Amazing Cakes Mare! Sorry we are giving belated Birthday wishes to Jonah!

The Flynn's said...

cute, cute cake and cupcakes!! I like Jonah's spider man socks! :)

Holly said...

Ok, so pretty much you are the coolest mom ever! Great cakes! Happy Birthday to Jonah.