Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Our 7th Anniversary Trip

Rivendell Bed and Breakfast- where we started our anniversary tradition

The Beckstrand Homestead in Meadow, Utah- a short detour enroute to our anniversary getaway

My Grandfather's headstone in Meadow

This past weekend Matt and I celebrated our 7th anniversary and also went on our 7th anniversary trip. Every year we get away, at least for one night, to celebrate our anniversary.

This started with our first anniversary when Matt surprised me with an overnight getaway. Jonah was only a week old and grandma Beckstrand was staying with us, so she kept him overnight. Needless to say, it was the best sleep I had gotten in awhile. We decided then that every year we would take turns planning our anniversary trips, keeping them a secret from the other person, until we reached our destination.

1st- Rivendell Bed and Breakfast, Oconee County, Georgia
2nd- Asheville, North Carolina
3rd-Savannah, Georgia
4th- Salt Lake City, Utah (it counts when you don't live in the state! j/k)
5th- Charleston, South Carolina
6th- Park City, Utah
7th- St. George, Utah

Matt always tries to trick me when we are driving to our destination by driving on confusing back roads or taking wierd routes. This time we went the back way to St. George and had the chance to stop in Meadow, where my grandfather grew up and where I spent many holidays as a child. We stopped for a little while and I showed Matt around the house and cemetary. Then we headed on to St. George.
Our hotel was really nice and new and right across the street was Cracker Barrel. We ate there the first night we got there and enjoyed some southern food. The next morning we took a run outside and it was so neat because the Virgin River was right by our hotel and there was a really nice path that led for miles following the river.

We went to the St. George Temple

And didn't have to worry about hurrying back to check on the kids.
We went shopping at the outlets and ate at a real yummy restaurant.
We always try to eat at a local seafood restaurant on our anniversary and we found a really great one. The Steak and Seafood Co.
was really great. It had a wonderful atmosphere and the food was delicious!
We found it in a local magazine and decided to try it out.
The next day we went to Zions National Park to hike and explore.
Unfortunately it was a little bit colder than we had expected but it was still beautiful and so great to enjoy the outdoors and breathe fresh air.

We hiked Angels Landing- which was very icy at the top and when we got to the very narrow part at the top, Matt went on ahead without me. There was fair warning that it was not for those afraid of heights! (me)

Looking back on the trail

We stayed one more night and came home yesterday morning. By then we were both ready to see the kids and had enjoyed our three nights away from home. I got enough sleeping in to last me another year and we really just enjoyed each others company. I really encourage anyone who hasn't had a getaway in awhile to take one, it is fun, rejuvenating and exciting!


camillamccammon said...

I have been wondering where your secret trip would be. I can't think of a better place than St. George. Dave and I love it there. We are going on a little vacation in a few months to go hike Zions again. We did it when Jackson was about 6 months old and we loved it. I am jealous that you had three nights with just you two. That sounds like so much fun.
PS When is your recipe thing again? I left my planner at my mom's and I had written it in there

Laura said...

it looks so beautiful there. happy anniversary by-the-way...i remember attending your reception. crazy!
out of curiosity, considering cracker barrell is a southern food kind of place, does it taste the same out there? i've always wondered? that's Liam and Tipton's favorite restaurant.

Jaime said...

So beautiful, but I would scared on that hike, too! It was pretty windy. What a fun tradition. We've gone to Savannah and Charleston for 2 of our get-aways also. Only I came home with a souvenir that lasted 9 months, haha!

Holly said...

That is so nice! I'm so glad you got to get away. What a fun tradition. I don't blame you for not wanting to go to the top of Angel's Landing. I have made Dave promise me that he will NEVER take our kids up there even when they are adults. It makes me sick to think about it ;) I am a wimp, ok.

Skeem's said...

that looks like so much fun, it's always nice to get away, and i bet st goerge was so much warmer than here. running is going well it was nice to have a couple warm days last week but now it's back to cold so we have to put on alot of layers, but it's worth it, right:)

The Flynn's said...

What a fun weekend and GREAT tradition! That is definitely one advantage to living close to family!! Endless babysitters that you don't have to pay!!

Kim said...

So fun. I can't wait to have a getaway (this summer, somewhere I don't know where anywhere). Jeff and I have been able to take some of our anniversaries away, but with living away with no family near by it hasn't happened as often as we would have liked. Nursing babies doesn't help either. I can't wait Landon will be weened this summer and it is our 9th wedding anniversary. I can't wait to get away it's been waaaaayyyyyy too long. Looks like you had a great time. So nice to have some one on one time with each other.

Alton & Angela said...

That sound like so much fun, I love Zions. About your questions. I lived in Fillmore and moved when I was 5. My dads family live in both Fillmore and meadow. I am sure your family knows mine.

Miss Bankhead said...

hey--what happened to Wendover?

Audrey said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I can't believe you have been married 7 years! I am so glad you guys have this great tradition!

Audrey said...

I had to say, Grandpa's house looks so much smaller than I remember it. It is so funny how that happens as you grow up. That photo looks nothing like my memories.