Monday, February 11, 2008

Solo Ensemble, Goulash, Bread Pudding, and my first day of Official Half-Marathon Training

My brother Andrew nominated me to accompany him for his singing solo competition. I was practically forced into it and he waited until the last minute to pick a song. It could have been a disaster, but somehow we pulled it off. I am so glad I am no longer in high school!

Yesterday was the 35th anniversary of my mom's baptism into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. At the beginning of the year we decided to have a Family Sunday Dinner once a month and February's dinner was on my mom's baptismal anniversary. I thought it would be fun to revisit some of my mom's dinner memories from her childhood, so the menu was goulash and bread pudding. As I told my family members about the dishes we were going to have, Matt told me he was not going to eat either of those things because they sounded digusting. Andrew agreed. I told them both that they had no choice and if they really didn't like the bread pudding, I would bake them some chocolate chip cookies after they at least gave it a try. Well, it was a success. Matt decided we should rename bread pudding- french toast pie. Everyone loved it and we ended the night with a hilarious game of charades. Andrew was the winner there with his enactment of fire.
I am so grateful for my mom. When she was baptized, she gave up her family and followed her heart in her decision. She couldn't have imagined how much she would impact the future generations with her choice, but she is truly an inspiration to me and such a great mother, friend, grandmother, example, and I love her! Thank you mom!

Getting back into shape after my third child has been a struggle for me. I love to exercise and need it to be a happy person.

After Savannah was born, it was hard to make time for exercise, especially because my sweet Savannah had to be held all day and all night (seriously). Luckily that phase has gone away and it is just in the past few months that I am finally starting to get back into running again. Yeah!

So, I decided I needed a goal. Salt Lake City Half-Marathon here I, I mean, we come! Matt is going to run it with me but he has opted for the no training method. He is going to continue playing basketball a couple times a week and hope that is enough.
I on the other hand, have a 10-week training schedule to get me ready. I know that there are other training options out there on the internet, but I chose one that has 4 running days a week, so that I can avoid injury, shin splints, and overuse. Matt's background in physical therapy/ athletic training, has influenced me to bike and use an elliptical the other 2 days of the week, so my knees can have a break.

Anyway, today I started my official training and I am hoping that on April 19th, Matt and I will be able to happily cross the finish line! I just want to be able to get back into shape and feel good about myself and exercise is a great way to accomplish those goals.


Holly said...

So glad your mom joined the church, too! She's a special lady. Good luck with your half-marathon. You have an amazing drive, I know you'll do an awesome job! My mom and dad host a half-marathon on Memorial Day every year in honor of Camilla's baby Kylee. Dave runs it every year and he only plays ball like 2 times a week, so Matt should do just great! Have fun!

Jaime, Danny, Madelyn, Natalia, and Brinleigh said...

I support you 100%! I really want to try one one day, but I concur (spelling?) with the 3rd baby-out-of-shape-blues! i really will have to work up to it again. But I can be your cheerleader, go mattymare go!!

Audrey said...

I am training right now too. Our half marathon is March 29th! I hope I'll be ready! Also, I love that you were Andrew's painist and that you made that special meal for mom!

Christel said...

Mary Ann, you look beautiful!!!

The Flynn's said...

Can I just be a cheerleader with Jaime?? I'm loving working out and I'm realizing how addictive it is but I'll stick to my classes at the gym. I'm not too fond of running.

JMduff said...

I want to train with you :) I was going to do the SLC 5K but, a half Marathon would be even more awesome. When and where are you training?

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The Brandon Heaton Family said...

Holy cow my friend! Where do you live? My email is
Good luck with your running. You were great in high school. The last time I saw you was at Chili's restaurant forever ago.