Friday, February 22, 2008

You can't get enough of me (tagged again)

1.Best thing I cooked last week? whole wheat bread pudding

2. If $, time, and babysitting were no object; where would you go and with who? to Europe- with Matt of course. I want to see it all- first the baltics, then france, italy, spain, netherlands, greece, etc.

3. Last time I cried. monday night- I was watching Matt talk on the phone to a friend and I was touched by how much he cares about people, his sensitivity, and how he reaches out to people that others ignore, becoming a real friend.

4. 5 things I was doing 10 years ago.

a. attending utah state

b. watching titantic, over and over again in the theatre

c. skipping class and going up the canyon with Heather

d. eating way too many generic cocoa puffs

e. freezing

5. 5 things I was doing 5 years ago.

a. running

b. finishing up at University of Georgia

c. getting ready to celebrate Jonah's first birthday

d. loving my hubby

e. living in Athens, Ga

6. 5 things I was doing 1 year ago.

a. counting the days until Matt graduated

b. holding Savannah day and night

c. losing my mind!

d. getting ready for a valentines date

e. wondering where we were going to move when matt graduated

7. 5 favorite hobbies.

a. cooking/baking/cake decorating

b. running

c. reading

d. thinking

e. loving my hubby

8. 5 places I've been.

a. Estonia

b. Cancun

c. Riga, Latvia

d. Vilnuis, Lithuania

e. Niagara Falls

9. 5 favorite foods.

a. Fresh fruit- watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, asian pear, etc.

b. veggies-edamame, red peppers

c. red lentil soup

d. my mom's potato salad

e. warm homemade bread

10. 5 favorite memories.

a. my wedding day

b. my mission

c. the birth of my children

d. the day I met Matt

e. our anniversary trips

I tag- anybody who wants to play-!


Kim said...

Thanks for responding fun to read you answers. That's great that you started a food blog, I can't believe what amazing meals you make. Makes me look like mother hubbard whose cubbard is barren of great things.:)

Audrey said...

These are so fun to read! I'll post one when my blog works again:)