Sunday, January 25, 2009

What a busy Week!

I don't even know where the week went. It flew by so quickly. I haven't had a chance to do anything on the computer at all. I have had friends here and with school, games and everything, it has just been really busy.
Jonah has been obsessed with the football and basketball that he got for Christmas. He has been dribbling in the house like a madman, and even broke a light fixture, by dribbling upstairs too hard and shattering the light on the floor below. He goes to lots of the high school b-ball games with Matt and practices shooting and dribbling. He loves running around with his football too. He also told me that he wants a "I love Sports" theme for his next birthday party. Matt couldn't be happier. I just had to do a little blurb about Jones, because he is at school all day and I feel like I don't get as many pictures of him as I do the girls.

Of course, everyone enjoys our dance parties. I just don't know why they can't keep their shirts on at all.

This is the position that I found Ryanne in the other morning. I thought it looked so funny. She found one of the warmest spots in the house and put her head right up to it. Clothes would probably help too.

And of course, Savannah putting the play-dough toys to real use. Gotta love it!


Jaime said...

yeah, lookin at that pic of savannah, she really does look like Brin!

Laura said...

liam loves sports too. he got a "real" basketball this holiday too and loves to go out shoot. luckily no inside damage. he also loves football and we can't leave out soccer. jarom is, no doubt, very proud.
i would love to attend one of your jammin' dance parties but i guess it would be inappropriate to take off my clothes!

Jake B. said...

I used to do the exact same thing as ryan. Before early band I would lay there and mom would make my lunch!! Ryan is sooo smart. Just like me! :P

Trishelle said...

Great action shots of Jones. It's like he's running so fast the camera can't keep up...that kind of sweet speed is destined for sports greatness.

It's fun to see pics of the girls after to getting to know them a little better because you can see their personalities more.

Playdough=therapy. If more grownups would play with playdough, the world would probably be less stressed out.

Becky said...

Hey, Jonah, no dribbling in the house!! Wait for outdoors or the gym.
Houses, furnishings, and grandmas remain better intact.
Hugs and kisses.

stephschmidt said...

Haha, I love how Savannah's using the play dough set :) Such cute kids!

Mandy said...

A natural athlete just like his mom!

I can't believe you are moving back to Georgia! I agree that more time together is always the best thing.

Kim said...

totally cracking up about pretty much all the pictures. Oh kids the things they do and I don't even think they realize how stinkin funny they are.