Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rhetorical Questions

How do you go about deciding where you want to live for the rest of your life? What are the most important factors?

Why am I not sleeping right now?

Is there a reason why menu ideas always come to me when I am trying to sleep?

Who invented electric blankets? They are my favorite person in the entire world. Well, besides the actual person who bought me the blanket.
Will the little bobcat I fell asleep with @ 7:30 in my bed freak out in a couple hours when she finds out she is transferred to her own beD?
How can it already be tax season again? I feel like just yesterday I saw all those little people with their ridiculous statue of liberty costumes standing on the corner in the freezing cold.
Why do I always have bags under my eyes? Will the girls basketball team actually play on the last day of the state tournament? Should I rearrange my anniversary plans, just in case?
Why do overly tired children find it so hard to fall asleep in the car?
When can I have a karaoke party with a dessert buffet that involves everyone I know?
Where do you buy karaoke CDs that actually have good songs?
Why am I always so thirsty at night?
Will Andrew and I have a great workout at the gym in the morning?
Can I actually have a normal dream for once?
Ok- I think I got it all out.
I am going back to bed


Gabrielle said...

I know an answer to ONE of those! Woooo me!

Jaime said...

i love these random thoughts- i do the same. and i have fun 80s karaoke cd's! btw, love the hair and makeup!!

Tooele Brezoff Family said...

I have all the answers!
1- toss a dart at a map.
2- job
3- your mind wont shut down.
4- yes, your thought process slows down and lets you think about other ideas ie, menu!
5- S.I Russell in 1912 to warm patients suffering from Tuberculosis!
6- maybe
7-I think they like to wear good ole liberty so they break them out a little early! admit it thoes are really hot costumes!
8- What bags??
9-No! ok maybe
10-they just want to mess with your head.
11- Today!
13-dont drink enough during the day.
14- yes he will!!! Go Andrew!
15- who dreams normal?
I hope the answers help!
now go and take a nap!

daEnces said...

I hate nights like these.... I hope you get some answers, you can make it a great workout no matter what... You have NO bags I think you look GREAT!!!

Mary Ann said...

Lori- Thanks! I wasn't really expecting any answers, much less answers to all my questions!

Trishelle said...

Oih. I'm so sorry about the rough night. I hope this one's uninterrupted. Bedtime is just around the corner....

Nate and Marva Jones said...

Hey - cute hair! As far a question 1 goes...we are kind of deciding the same thing, and all I know is... you can't think of it as the rest of your lives... because most likely it is just another stepping stone and you will move again and again. At least that seems like my life. Just pray, the Lord will take you where you need to go- just don't be scared to follow.

Audrey said...

You look gorgeous! I love your hair and brows! Can't wait to see you sometime!

Also, about the first question, I think you can't really think about it as "for the rest of our lives". It is better to think of it as now. Who knows what the Lord will have in store for you for the rest of your lives.

Good luck finding all the answers!

Kelley said...

I'm finding that the question 1 isn't really something I can answer myself. Every time we think that we've found the place, something unexpected happens and we're on the move again. After 30 years of being a nomad, I'm ready to settle down for real. You, too?