Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thank Goodness I have Stylish Sisters!

I just wanted to say first, that it is a dangerous thing to lay down with your 6-year old child at 7:30 pm, because if you fall asleep and stay asleep, you will probably wake up rested, a little too early! oh well!
Last friday we went in to visit Lar at her house and ran some errands with her.
Ryanne and Savannah love going to visit Lar. First off, because she is a great aunt and super fun to be around, but also because her house is full of fun stuff. Jewelry, stuffed animals, cute clothes, hats, candy, etc. Anything new is fun, right?
Luckily Lar is fun and stylish and she doesn't mind sharing her fab stuff with her nieces.
I say luckily because, sorry, but I am no fashionista. never will be and it is ok with me. I don't really care about clothes or fashion. I still want my girlies to look cute, but when it comes to accessories, i just don't have any. I keep it pretty plain and simple.
The girls were feeling pretty stylish and decided to pose a bit.
On a side note- I am glad to see that I am not the only person that still has a stuffed animal from childhood!
Ry checking out the shimmery, sleek pocketbook
Savannah trying to figure out a bracelet

And I have to mention that Audrey is super fun and stylish too. I am sure if we were visiting her the girls would get just as much joy and attention out of her accessory possibilities!


Gabrielle said...

4:33 am? Seriously?

Mary Ann said...

no. actually it was 5:33 am. but blogger always says it is an hour earlier than when I really post.

Debbie said...

Snuggling with the kids in the evenings has always been my downfall.

Brandi said...

Your girls are just too cute!

Laura Dawn said...

I love that you posted this, Ryanne and Savvy are the cutest! They make my accessories look good!! And I have to say Mare, with your new hair cut, you are pretty fashionable :)

stephschmidt said...

This post brought back happy memories for me. At one of my grandmas house she had a room full of dress up things, mostly fancy purses and jewelry and shoes. Such fun! Maybe I'll come play dress up next time you go :)

John & Jennifer Savage said...

Adorable girls and I'm late on the bandwagon of saying HOLY COW YOU'RE FAMOUS! and Congrats! I went to read your foodblog again and remembered that Jicama existed and it made my heart happy. I love jicama. Yay for you!

Kelley said...

They look like they had a marvelous time, even if it was a bit early.

Congrats on getting in the paper. That's awesome!