Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our Little-Middle of the Week-Getaway

You know when you see people standing in a mall or theatre or store or somewhere, and they are advertising a free night somewhere if you go and listen to a short presentation? Well, we listened to the presentation and didn't agree to buy a time-share and got a free night at the Anniversary Inn- a Bed and Breakfast place that has themed rooms that are really fun. I had to admit that I was skeptical about the free stay, but it was free. The only hard thing about scheduling it was all the rules- no weekends, the dates you request have to be a certain number of days apart, etc. We ended up going on a Tuesday night and got to choose our room- We went for the Swiss Family Robinson room ( $270 a night). We have stayed at this same place before for our anniversary but last time we stayed in the Jungle Room.
We went to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner
Our waterfall shower/hot tub- very relaxing- I never take baths because I don't ever have time, but sitting in warm, bubbly water with the jets massaging your back is very relaxing
The staircase leading to our bed

This is for my kids. They were so impressed to see this Scarlet Macaw. I touched it to see if I could get a better picture and a few feathers fell off. We had to be back kinda early for Matt to get to work, but it was still a fun night out! And we live at my parents house right now, so we had built in babysitters- Can't beat that!


Anthony & Christel said...

How fun! As soon as Anthony gets back, we are going to have a beginning of the week getaway in Midway. I'm so jealous, because I want to go on mine now. I'm glad that you guys got to go have a fun night!

Skeem's said...

Looks like fun, I love the swiss family robinson movie, how cool to live like them:)hope everything is going well, i will be out of her by next weekend so if you are up for running saturday or next week let me know:)

Holly said...

That's so fun! That's Camilla's favorite room. I've only stayed there once about 8 years ago. Maybe it's time we made a midweek reservation!

Jaime said...

I remember seeing pics of the last time you stayed there, that is the coolest thing to me, b/c i love themes!!! how fun.