Monday, June 2, 2008


For the last little while in Kindergarten, Jonah had been keeping a journal. His teacher gave the entire class the start to a sentence and then let them write whatever they wanted. They also drew pictures to go along. Jonah has a story about falling off the top of Wal-mart with his dad coming to the rescue and also one that stated I was born in 1924. My favorite was "My house is... always dirty" with an accompanying diagram of our living room (Embarrassing!) Anyway, to keep up his writing and thinking skills I decided that he should keep a journal over the summer. I let him pick a notebook out at the store and he wrote his first entry. It was actually really good and grandma was impressed because he actually enjoyed doing it and didn't complain (she was thinking of Andrew and Jacob at that age). I got Ryanne a journal too, but it is more for doodling. What are YOU doing at your house this summer to ensure your children don't lose all the skills they picked up on at school this year?


Holly said...

Good luck on your decision to move! It would be way too sad if you moved before we had a little reunion! Good idea on the journaling thing. I really need to think of something for mine to do.

Holly said...

Okay, this could be tricky. We leave for Jackson Hole this Friday and we won't be back for good until mid August! Will you be gone when we get back? Want to come to Jackson? Could this be any more complicated? :)