Monday, June 16, 2008

Our Father's Day Fun

For Father's Day I wanted to make this really cute cupcake garden for my father. He loves to garden. Now that he is retired that is what he spends most of his time doing. I am reaping the rewards, with lots of fresh vegetables to prepare. The picture above is what the finished product was supposed to look like. It is from a really cute cookbook called Hello, Cupcake by Alan Richardson and Karen Tack. She also contributes to sooo many magazines and this particular recipe can be found here, at Woman's Day or here, on my food blog. We went to a family reunion this weekend and got back late on saturday night and I was pooped. I already had all the things that I needed to make the cupcakes, but then I thought it would be fun to get everyone involved. So, on Father's Day after lunch, we all decorated the cupcakes to our liking. This is how our version turned out, not perfect but we had a great time doing it together!


Anthony & Christel said...

That is amazing!! I love it, great job!

Jaime said...

so flippin cute! I need lessons on how to take up close pics with camera! is there a button you use on your camera? or is it more complex? no clue, anyway, i made nutella cookies for danny. pretty yummy. we had some on hand b/c of course, we've been buying things that remind us of Spain and they have that there.

Caglefamily said...

Fun, fun , fun!! I love it, I bet you all had so much fun making them.