Thursday, June 19, 2008

Jonah Lost a Tooth!

Last week Jonah was sooo excited because he had his first loose tooth. A bunch of kids in his Kindergarten class had already lost teeth during the year and he was wondering and asking when was it going to be his turn. We went to a family reunion this past weekend and while we were sitting at the park eating dinner, he leaned over and showed me that his tooth was literally hanging on by a thread. (You all remember how that looks and feels right?) Well, for some reason it made me queasy, so Matt took over the duty of helping him get it out. It came out and he was sooo Happy! The only hard part was trying to get the tooth fairy to the hotel we were staying in overnight, but Jonah said a prayer that the tooth fairy would find her way, and somehow, through the mass of 5 people sleeping in 1 room, he was awarded 7 quarters for his tooth (INFLATION is hitting hard in all categories)
I took a couple pics of the space between his teeth and Savannah was watching me closely and wanted me to take a pic of her mouth too (She has lots of spaces for other reasons :)


Caglefamily said...

When Dagan lost his first tooth, I had a talk with the tooth fairy about how much moolah he was to receive, I tried to say fifty cents, call me old fashioned. The tooth fairy aka, Dustin, won the battle and gave him two dollars, wow inflation is a killer. With how many kids we have, we are going to be broke from lose of teeth!

Audrey said...

How fun!! Congrats on your tooth fairy visit Jonah!

Jaime said...

way to go jonah! Madelyn got $2 just b/c it was 1st tooth, then she'll get $1 after that. anyway, brin was sick for about 2 wks, only throwing up at night, she got dehydrated, lost weight, stomach protruded, etc. and they were worried about other major problems, so that's why they did all the test (cat scan, barrium swallow, x-rays). it all turned out ok, and she is better now with no major problems (the test kept showing an area of her bowel they couldn't see, and they kept testing more b/c that worried them in case there was a mass or soemthing there, but they finally got positive results and she's fine, just a very bad virus we guess)