Monday, June 9, 2008

A Day

Andrew was named the Amazing, Awesome, Adventure Activist for A day.
A page in Jonah's Abc Book
Apple Pancakes for breakfast ( just like a puff pancake or german pancake with a layer of caramelized apples on the bottom) For the recipe click here

We also enjoyed an Art project in our aprons.

Savannah had to be moved to her highchair because she was eating paint, climbing on the table and way too messy!
Toffee Apple Dip for snack. click here for the recipe
Artichokes Tonight!


Audrey said...

I am so glad that you reminded me of this. I think it is such a fun idea! You are such a cute and creative mom. J, R and S are lucky kids! You seriously do so much cute stuff with them!
PS post more pictures of mom's house. I want to see the remodel!

Jared and Katy said...

You are so creative, your kids will never forget all the fun times you created for them!

Holly said...

Very cute and imaginative. Those pancakes look absolutely divine!

Laura said...

i wish you were my next door neighbor ( for many reasons) but in hopes your Amazing mother talents would rub off on me. you deserve the super mom award.

Kelley said...

Great ideas. I will definitely have to do this with Matt this year. He is dying to learn to read, and this would be so fun to do with him.