Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Mom is the Greatest aka Happy Birthday Mom or I am the Luckiest Daughter in the World

My mom is the best. She is the best at alot of different things. She is the best mom, the best teacher, the best listener, the best friend, the best example, the best babysitter, the best at caring for people. I love her. I could go on all day about the ways that she inspires me. She is so gentle and caring. She never raises her voice. She takes time to listen and laugh. She loves to laugh. She isn't caught up in material things or the media. She has a great self-image. She compliments everyone around her. She is willing to go through thick and thin with you. She will cry with you or let you cry on her shoulder. She willingly and freely gives hugs, tickles the grandkids, and is just the greatest. I love her so much and always have felt the I am the luckiest person in the world to have her as my mom. I wanted to make her special cake for her birthday and since I know a little bit more about cake decorating now then I did last year at this time I went for it. My mom loves daisies and I thought a light blue cake with daisies would be just right. For more details about the cake click HERE

My mom took the kids to a movie this morning and then we grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and went up into the canyon. We walked on the trails and enjoyed the shade and nature.

Jacob had to bring a bike so he could be as dangerous as possible

Overall, it was a great day. We had fun spending time together celebrating my mom and enjoying the outdoors.
p.s. the cake was pretty darn good too! Love you mom!


Audrey said...

You are so good at words of praise Mary Ann. Everything you said about mom was right on! Thanks for filling in for me! I had nothing in the mail even! Your cake was beautiful! I am sure mom loved it! I wish I could have joined you all for the hike and the cake!

The Flynn's said...

What's your email address?? I want to ask you more about your Pilot. We've definitely looked at the Pilot, my only concern is that I don't want kids climbing over the seats all the time. It seems like they can move around easier in a van??

Jaime said...

very cute cake! sounds like fun. i bet she feels lucky to have yall too.

Holly said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! Great job on the cake. I have to agree with your description of your mom. She's great!

Skeem's said...

Well happy birthday to your momma! what a beautiful cake, good job!! It looks so good!! We will be down saturday to finish up with our condo, not sure what time though:) Kamdin misses Ry and Jonah!! hope your doing well, and I want to eat that cake:)your mom is so lucky to have you!

Jared and Katy said...

cute cake! I love the close-up shot in the last picture you sure are getting the camera thing down!