Friday, June 13, 2008

I can't keep these girls out of trouble

Somehow I knew, when I saw Ryanne had picked those white shorts to wear, that it just wasn't a good choice of clothing for her. I really didn't expect this! We have had an unusual amount of rain and cold weather (is it just because I live here?) and rain+dirt=mud. I decided it really didn't matter though, because she was having a blast and I got those shorts for 2 bucks on sale. All in the name of a good time!

Pretty nice looking mud pies

As for Savannah, she looks pretty innocent, just sitting on the edge, dipping her toes in the lake that formed under my parents trampoline, since it had been raining for a few days.

You can't really tell from this picture, but she was completely soaked, from head to toe, with woodchips all over her and dirt and mud. Then she started taking off her clothes and wanted to come inside. At least she was happy about it!


The Flynn's said...

Holy smokes, those are some dirty kids. Looks like they were having a blast though! Good for you for letting them get dirty!

Audrey said...

I love that you let them play in the mud. I remember a mudpile near the Morgan's house that I thought was the best place on earth! What fun!