Friday, October 10, 2008

She truly is a monkey and I wish I had a cage (jk)

Thanks to this lovely demonstration that Savannah so willingly showed us, we now know exactly how she ended up in the hallway screaming her eyes out in the middle of the night. We decided she needed a toddler bed and moved her downstairs to share a room with Ryanne.
Jonah was delighted because he now has his own room upstairs and doesn't have to put up with Ry keeping him awake all night. (Jonah is an obedient angel, always has been. Good thing he came first :)
The past few nights have proved to be absolutely horrific. I have never had a crib jumper or a get out of bed a million times a night child. I don't know what to do.
Plus, Ry is not a quiet roommate. It has taken hours to get these girls to go to sleep.
I read books, sing songs, give them rules, etc, but without fail, Savannah reappears moments from when I laid her down and calmly told her to go to sleep.
Then to make it all worse, they wake up at unearthly hours. They are cranky, I am cranky and I don't know what to do. I mean we need sleep, right?
I guess maybe someday I will be able to laugh about it, or maybe it is payback for being so thankful and maybe prideful, that Jonah never did anything like this. Payback for listening to all the horror stories from other people and thinking in my head " I am so glad my kids don't do that". Hmm
So, if anyone has any ideas that work, please let me know.
Is locking the door, so they can't get out, against the law? Heaven help me.

p.s. when Savannah was on top of the crib rail with one leg on each side, she looked up and said "Ta-da!"


Trishelle said...

Holy Smokes! She is fearless!

We have a couple of roommates too. I'm still trying to figure out the whole sleep thing too, but here is something that has worked sometimes...

Dab a little perfume on their wrists right before bed and call it, 'sleepy potion'. They tend to put their wrists up to their noses so they breathe a little more deeply and it's gets them more geared up for sleep. Plus, there is the psychological element of having a 'potion' helping them sleep. Diluted lavender oil is especially effective because of the relaxing affect it has on the body.

Good luck. You will get to sleep through the night again...hopefully sooner than later!

Gabrielle said...

LOL Ta Da! oh I am so sorry you are tired. I had one who did this- I will admit the bribe of a barbie worked. I decided at that point Barbie was the lesser of two evils- The other evil being Mommy in prison. i have heard killing children is against the law.

Jaime said...

been there before and I just watched supernanny last night about parents who were deaf and the kids took advantage of it and would get out of bed all night, the process of bedtime took 3 hrs.- anyway, she said to read books and calm them down then say goodnight, 1.1st they get up- say "time for bed darling",2. 2nd time more sternly say Bedtime 3. 3rd time say nothing but place them back in bed as many times as it takes (no speaking just calm)? after one hr. of this is worked for them, then next night was easier. I have a smiley face good behavior card that I put on Talia's shelf so she sees it, and I tell her if she stays in bed all night she gets to turn that ticket in for something fun to do with me the next day (so she gets rewarded w/ one-on-one quality time w/ mom and that makes her feel more secure/happy). Good luck! I was ready to lock my kids in their door at one point, too!

Mary Ann said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I will be trying some of these tonight!

Tooele Brezoff Family said...

I am sorry so very sorry, this has been my non-stop fun for the last 4 years. Dont think bad of me but a little tylenol or benydryl works wonders! Good Luck!

Kelley said...

I have three boys sleeping in one room, and getting them to quit talking/fighting/laughing/you-name-it long enough to go to sleep was driving us crazy. We finally discovered the joys of CD players. I put a one next to their door (so I can take it out after they go to sleep, since they have killed 3 CD players to date), and put in either scripture stories or books on tape. They're listening to Harry Potter Book #2 at the moment, and they're so involved with the story (that I have turned down low enough that they can't talk and hear it at the same time) that they are quiet long enough to go to sleep. Works like a charm.


Kim said...

I have seen there are nets that you can attach over the top of a crib so they can't climb out or I guess maybe it's time to move onto a "big girl" bed. Good Luck !!!

Audrey said...


Two things that have worked lately with Will.

1-pretending he is an animal before bed. We talk about puppies. Then he puts his puppy to bed with a blanket. Then I saw goodnight Will puppy. I pat his back and make puppy sounds to him for a long time while he is pretending to be a puppy and then I say be a good puppy and stay in bed. Sometimes that works.

2- I tell him to lay down and not to move and that I will bring him a chocolate chip. I bring him one chocolate chip and tell him he can only have it if he lays down and falls asleep.

One friend said that just the threat of locking the door was enough to make her almost two year old stay in the toddler bed! Good Luck!