Monday, October 20, 2008

Matt's Nanny

Matt lost his grandmother on Friday afternoon. It was expected. Her health had seriously deteriorated in the last few months. I met Nanny a few times and we would visit her whenever we could. She lived in an assisted living residence and didn't really recognize her family, but she was a cheerful. We took Jonah to see her and she was always so happy. She didn't always know who we were, but she was just a happy person. It was so nice to go and see her because you knew that she would be smiling and that she would appreciate your visit. When Jonah was a toddler, he would get right up on her lap and just talk to her and snuggle with her. It was so cute. I feel bad that I don't have any pictures of them together.
I always wish that I could've know her before she started to lose her memory and that I could relate when Matt tells me stories from his youth.
We were unable to attend her funeral today. That is one of the sad things about the distance between us and Matt's family. It is hard to know that everyone is there together and that we are not able to be with them.
Nanny, we will miss you, but are glad that you will be free from the things that held you back here on earth and know that you are with your family now, up above.


Becky said...

Nice tribute. I loved to hear Nanny laugh. She WAS always happy. Much was said about her hard work, good cooking, and sweet disposition. Cousins said how they felt so at home at her house, always welcome. Many people commented that she sang a lot. I didn't know this. I, too, wish all of you could have known her better. She loved family AND the church.She went on many a temple trip. They would do many sessions over a couple of days and then head back home. Many folks asked about Matt and the family. I tried to take a few photos at the dinner afterward.

Trishelle said...

I'm sorry for your loss. She sounds like a delightful person. Is there anything we can do to offer support?

Jaime said...

Please tell Matt we're sorry to hear that. Even though we know they are in peaceful, happy place, it still hurts to know they are gone from this life.

Audrey said...

I made chicken and dumplins tonight in memory. Scott said there was lot of talk of dumplins at the funeral.