Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ready for Halloween

Okay, for some reason Blogger is loading all my pictures in the opposite order that I want them. So, these are all backwards. By the way, Bana loves her babies and she is wearing the costume that Ry wore at age 1. Does anyone else think it is strange that Bans can wear a 12 month costume at age 2? especially a leotard type thing?

I finally found a costume for Jonah. He wanted to be whatever he saw, but I didn't want him to be some action figure that he knew nothing about. So, when me and Lar went to Costco they had this astronaut suit and I bought it to see what Jones thought about it. Looking at it hanging up, he really didn't love it, but once he put it on, he loved it! He said he was going to wear it everyday until Halloween.

His snow boots are the perfect accessory. They are called "moon boots" for a reason!

We had our ward party tonight and the young women did face painting. Ry wanted me to take a picture of her "pink unicorn" that she requested. I thought they did a pretty great job. It was fun, but I would've enjoyed it more if Matt would have been there- darn Friday night Football! Hopefully he won't have a game next week, because I don't want to take the kids Trick or Treating in the freezing cold. I know I am a wimp and a party pooper, but I hate being cold!!!!


stephschmidt said...

We were so sad to miss the party last night - sounds like it was a lot of fun. I think kids sizes are so weird; Dallin is 3 1/2 and some clothes that he wears are 2T, some are 3T, and just recently I put some clothes away that he just grew out of that were 24 months. Odd....

Audrey said...

Cute costumes! Owen is going to be crazy about the astronaut costume. Maybe you can pass it down in a few years!

Trishelle said...

Jones' astronaut costume totally rocks! And we always love tutus around our house...the pinker the better...except for He-Man. He doesn't seem to share our enthusiasm for tutus in general.

We hope you guys have a fabulous Halloween!

By the way, being the skillful chef that you are, what are you feeding your family that night? I always get stumped when it comes to Halloween dinner. Any ideas?

cindy said...

the astronaut costume is great!