Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ry finds her costume, Bana reads to and rocks her baby, and Jonah's date with Grandma as Indiana Jones

If you know Ry, you know that she is obsessed with horses. All kinds- unicorns, pegasus', ponies, all of them. She spends most of her time on all fours, galloping on her "clip-clops" (That is really what she calls them)
Well, we found her the perfect costume. Even more perfect was the price. We found it at a local consignment store yesterday and she has been wearing it ever since. Perfect!

Savannah is obsessed with her baby. She reads to her baby, feeds her baby, takes her baby everywhere and we even got the cutest video of her singing rock a bye baby the other day.

Singing and Rocking (with a few kisses thrown in)

Jonah's elementary school had its little Halloween Carnival over the weekend. I didn't really feel like going (it was so crowded last year), so I let him go with Grandma on a little date. He dressed himself like Indiana Jones (notice the name-tag) and even tied his little whip around himself without any help. They had the best time, playing games, eating food and having a date! I have the best mom in the world!


Gabrielle said...

so cute! I am with you- Jordan went with the neighbor kids- I did not want to go!

Jaime said...

nice costume, she's in the wrong decade, lol! (remember how unicorns were popular in the 80s?) no, it's really cute, and so is savannah being a lil mommy and jonah with his tough guy look

Heather said...

so so cute. what in the costume? can she still fit in the house? i can just imagine all of this adventure. tell jonah his Indie costume is awesome. sweet little Bans! i want to kiss her!

Trishelle said...

Your kids are so funny! They have so much personality, it shows through in all of their pictures. I hope you guys have a super Halloween! May you find lots of treats...and 0 cavities!

stephschmidt said...

Cute little mommy Savannah and unicorn Ryanne and Indie Jonah! Aren't grandma dates the best? :)