Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Operation Baking GALS- Round Four

That's right- I am hosting again for Operation Baking GALS. This is my third time participating and my second time hosting and it just really feels good to be able to support out troops in this way.
This time I am hosting 1st Lt. Carl Hopper. We first met the Hopper's in Athens, before Matt and I were married. They became our good friends and we spent alot of time together. Lia is an amazing woman and without her help (and the help of others), there is no way that I would have graduated. She watched Jonah for me when he was a newborn, so I could continue to go to classes (He was born in the middle of a semester). And then continued to watch him for the next year and a half, even when she was pregnant with her third child. Now that is a true friend!
Our paths split when they moved away and then we moved, but we have kept in touch, mostly because Lia is really good at that.
They are now stationed in Alaska and Carl recently left for his second tour of duty to Iraq.
If you think that you can spare a couple of hours to bake some cookies and send them his way, email me- mareskitchen@gmail.com
If you send it in the flat rate box, it will only cost you $10.95. Cmon ya'll, Give A Little Support (GALS) and Bake!

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