Thursday, July 3, 2008


It just seems like so many people are suffering or struggling right now. Everywhere I turn or every blog I read it seems that a friend or the friend/family of a friend has suffered the loss of a child, friend, family member or that some other kind of intense struggle is going on. It just blows me away the things that people are dealing with. But these are only the visible struggles or ones that are on the surface for everyone to see. I know that many of us struggle deep down inside and no one knows about it. We keep it inside and struggle alone.
Also in a world where tragedy and fear are everywhere, it seems that life and the future is so uncertain. Will we even be able to drive in a few months or will gas prices be so high that we will have to stay at home? Will food run out? Will everyone lose their jobs? Is the world on the brink of a crisis so large that we will suffer extinction? Don't even get me started on wars and the threat of enemies. There is still so much injustice and so many horrible things happening around the globe. There are so many questions and sometimes it seems like there aren't answers that are satisfying.
But then, with so many questions, so much tragedy and hurt, so many crises, why do I feel so at peace? Why do I not fear the future and the situations at hand?
It is because I have hope in what my Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ have promised me. I have hope and firmly believe that this earth life is not the only thing that matters for us. I know that there is always a reason to hope and believe that things will turn for the better and that everything will work out the way that it should.
I know who I really am and I know that I am not alone in my struggles.
My heart still aches with those who are experiencing pain and struggle, but I know that all is not lost. I weep with those who are troubled and in the darkest night of their lives, but I will never forget something that I heard Jeffrey R. Holland say at a meeting in Macon, Georgia. He said "although it may be the darkest night and there is no end in sight, It will not be 3 am forever. The morning will come. The light will come. There is always hope because the morning will come."
I have faith and hope that the morning will come and hope that we can all feel peace through the troubled times and struggles that lay ahead.


Jared and Katy said...

That was a very good blog...a lot of the things you wrote have been on my mind. I think about how the world is and becoming, then I think about my future children and how the world will be for them and then I start to fear. But what you wrote at the end is what comforts me also in many situations, I can't imagine my life without the gospel and an eternal perspective. Thank you for that insiteful blog!

Audrey said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Mare. It is always uplifting to hear your testimony of the Savior.

Caglefamily said...

Yes the world is scary, but I too feel so much peace. I love trials because they make us better and stronger people. I can't wait for the coming of our Savior, I feel the time is not to far off now. Some ask me what the future hold for my little Lincoln, it could be grim, but I do not believe it to be so, I truly believe that he is so blessed to live in a time when the Savior himself will be able to lay his hand on his head and heal him. We may live in a scary world, but we are so blessed to live in these last days when the Savior will come again. Thanks for your post, it is good to here the faith of others.

Jaime said...

Very nice post, thanks Mare. I've had same thoughts on my mind. I recently read the leadership training from the 1st presidency, and it addressed so much of this according to family proclamation, it made me feel peaceful as well. thanks again, love ya.