Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Fun Tag- I did this last night

I am: Mary Ann Murray
I think: it is an injustice the way women are treated in Saudi Arabia
I know: I am lucky to be a citizen of the United States
I want: to change all the inequality in the world and make it a safe, happy place for
every human being
I have: 3 great kids
I miss: trees, green, humidity, my in-laws, relatives, friends, southern accents,
friendly waves when you do something nice in traffic
I fear: that there are too many uneducated people in the world
I feel: content and happy
I hear: the fan blowing in the bathroom
I smell: the soup and cornbread I made for dinner
I crave: exercise
I search: the internet for couer ala cream and blueberry buttercream
I wonder: why so many people are unhappy and prejudiced
I regret: sleeping in this morning
I love: creating in the kitchen, my sweet husband, my kids' kisses and hugs, a good
book, warm air and sun, sweating, running
I care: about people alot, maybe too much :)
I always: want people to feel accepted and loved for who they are, exactly, right now at
this moment
I am not: crazy
I believe: that someday I will understand why the world works the way it does and it
won't make me mad
I dance: when no one is watching me
I sing: at the top of my lungs, when I am alone in my car
I don't always: wash my face before I go to bed, but I hardly ever wear makeup, so
maybe it doesn't matter?
I write: to vent the feelings and thoughts that I should probably never actually say
I win: at whatever I do or I get upset, sometimes
I lose: sleep when I am too busy thinking about things
I never: ever, want to go bungee jumping
I listen: to people sincerely when they are talking to me
I can usually be found: in the kitchen, playing with my kids, outside, or on the
I am scared: people won't like me, sometimes
I need: to get over it and stop worrying what people think about me
I am happy about: my life

Thanks to Katie for this tag, not that she tagged me, but she said anyone who wanted to could try it, so,- try it, it is kinda fun and interesting!


Audrey said...

I like this one a lot! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Jared and Katy said...

WAY FUN TAG! That was a good one, but I must say when I read the first couple lines I wanted to add in..."And I wish for world peace" to be funny. But seriously you are so caring and I know you would truly have the be one of your wishes and that is why your such a great person!

The Flynn's said...

Good job Mary Ann! Loved it and I totally have lots of the same feelings.