Sunday, July 27, 2008

For anyone who knows me well, you know that I am a stickler for bedtime. It is important and I am strict about it. Well, I think Matt is rubbing off on me, because I am loosening up. Or it might be the fact that it doesn't get dark until 10 pm around here and the summer is the only time we can be outside due to the long, dark winter. Whatever the reason, we decided to take Ryanne and Jonah to the drive-in last night to watch Kung Fu Panda. They took a 2 hour nap before we left, and then we loaded up the popcorn, blankets and pillows and got situated in the back of the car.
It was pretty fun, but the flash on the camera was really bright! Jonah couldn't keep his eyes open for anything. We had a good time and went to bed really late!

This is just for laughs. When we were getting ready to walk out the door for church, Matt came up from the basement, totally serious, and said "Alright, Let's go!" I couldn't stop laughing because he looked so ridiculous, but he does this kind of thing all the time. I love it. Savannah was pretty scared, but I finally got her to give her daddy a kiss!


Jaime said...

Hey, he made me bust out laughing! I still can't watch Napoleon do his dance w/o laughing and thinking of Matt doing it! A sense of humor is sooooo important in marriage and in the world today!

Trishelle said...


Your husband is hilarious! It takes a confident man to wear such luscious curls!

Jared and Katy said...

I wish we have a drive in movie here, that would be so much fun! That is so funny of Matt! HAHA

Heather said...

What is wrong with Matt's head in the movie pics?