Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kids Answering Questions Tag

Ok, I know that you have all seen this tag going around, but it is really funny to ask your kids these questions. Jonah's answers are in RED, Ryanne's are after that, in black or normal, you can figure it out, right?

1. What is something mom always says to you?
she says don't complain about your food

um, obey

2. What makes mom happy?

when you obey and eat what you need to eat

doing stuff that she wants you to

3. What makes mom sad?

when you don't obey and don't eat your dinner

not obeying, that makes mom sad, right?

4. How does mom make you laugh?
when she tells us knock knock jokes or something, stuff like that

from tickling you

5. What was mom like as a child?

ok, now this is the hardest one shes told me- she was a good child that obeyed but had to go to timeout sometimes


6. How old is mom?

come on, that's easy, 30

I don't know how many you are

7. How tall is mom?

about 5 feet

those legs to the top of your head

8. What is mom's favorite thing to do?

make lasagna


9. What does mom do when you're not around?

plays with the girls, at least when I'm in first grade, ha ha ha

comes to get you

11. What is mom really good at?

making yummy foods, that makes us really really happy

um, cooking

12. What is mom not good at?

going on the dino drop (at Lagoon- yeah, I am a scared mom, everyone was laughing at me)


13. What is mom's job?

taking care of us and playing with us

14. What is mom's favorite food?

the food she always makes, lasagna and tomato sandwiches

um, pasta

15. What makes you proud of mom?

when she plays with us and helps us laugh

cooking us good food

16. What do you and mom do together?

play and have fun

um, go for trips

17. How are you and mom the same?

we, um, are just the same

cuz we have long hair

18. How are you and mom different?

when I have to go to timeout and she doesn't

cuz we have bodies, different bodies

19. How do you know mom loves you?

by how she hugs us and kisses us and plays with us

cuz I'm her child


Skeem's said...

Okay I love that all Ryanne's awnsers are about your cooking:) Cute! the last couple questions are cute, how you and Ryanne have different bodies:) and you love her because "I'm her child" how funny, that was cute!!

Kelley said...

Very sweet. I liked the recurrent theme of food and obeying.

By the way, I was wondering what things you guys did for days "Q", "X", "Y", "V", and "N". We came up with lots of ideas last night, but were short for those letters. Great idea, by the way.

Trishelle said...

Your kids are stuffed full of personality. At a BYU fireside a few years ago, Sister Bateman stated that providing nutritious, well planned meals is an expression of love that mothers can make to their families. You certainly have a talent for doing that!

Obedience is a reoccurring thing in our house too. A lot of times I find myself thinking, "Sheesh, I'm beginning to sound like my mother!"

Jared and Katy said...

I love the answer of why your different..."because you don't have to do to timeout" that is so funnyy!