Wednesday, July 2, 2008

P Day- An Alphabet Update

We started out P day with the most amazing pancakes, Lemon Lovers' Ricotta Pancakes with Quick Blueberry Sauce.
Really, they were delicious! We spent a little time playing the piano, and Savannah was singing and rocking her baby to Ryanne's tune

We went to a park or playground

Had a picnic with PB&H sandwiches and pretzels (among other things)
Some of us were pooped and passed out with ponies
We saw an emu (totally unrelated to P, but it isn't an everyday occurance)
Peered at Pretty Ponies

Pretended to be a Pet Parrot
Partied at Deseret Peak Pool

And finished it off with Paperdoll Princesses
It was a good day. Thanks to my bros for playing with us!


Laura said...

I so need to come and hang at your house. "P-day" looked like way too much fun!
"P"S. Thanks for the awesome music. The Power Of Goodbye was playing and that is seriously one of my favorites that I had almost forgot. Thanks!

Jaime said...

you are such a fun mom. also, where did you get that bag on ryanne's lap? it is adorable!

Mary Ann said...

The bag on Ry's lap was part of a b-day present that she got this last year. I think it was Pucci pet or something. It came with stuffed dog and little toys. I think Lar got it at Wal-mart. She uses it to carry her ponies around.

Kim's Page said...

Fun Fun! I liked seeing all the mountains in the background.

The Flynn's said...

The pancakes look SO good and I love seeing the mountains in the background. I sure do miss seeing real mountains!

Jared and Katy said...

That looked like a Pretty P-tastic day!

Audrey said...

My alphabet days have left a lot to be desired lately! I think I just need to do them with you!
P day was just too much fun!