Thursday, July 24, 2008

Re-enacting our Zoo Trip

The beasts in their cages, awaiting the human visitors
The tiger is too wild to be out in the open, he can only glance out his peepholes and try to claw the visitors

This animal is trying to get OUT!

Then there is the one, who is happy to be trapped
ON NO! Tiger attack! He escaped!
Hurry put him back into his cage! Never to be released again


Skeem's said...

Hey I am with you on doing a marathon next year, I need something to work towards after baby!! I miss running with ya, hope everything is going well. Thanks for always being so nice to me, I wish we would have become friends quicker, your awesome, wish I could cook like you:)

Trishelle said...

That picture of your dad cracks me up! What an awesome grandpa!