Thursday, April 10, 2008

Where Have All The Blue Skies Gone?

Snow. Hail. Dark Clouds. Rain. Frost.
These are not the words that I typically think of to describe the month of April.

But, that is what we have been experiencing the last couple of weeks. It has snowed and hailed so much that I am beginning to wonder if it is really January!
I am dreaming of blue skies, green grass, sunshine, flowers, baby animals, swimming pools, the beach, a warm breeze, and being able to go outside without a winter coat and gloves!
Maybe when the kids beg to play outside, I will be able to say Yes! without wondering if they are going to end up frostbitten!- ok, that is a little bit of an exaggeration, but Come on~ Spring, where are you?
Do you have spring where ever you are and will you share some with us?


Tiffany said...

For the past month we have had only 2 days where it was completely sunny and nice. Every other day has been raining or at least over cast and cold. Not much spring to share here.

JakeB said...

It's supposed to be a nice weekend in the 70's. Something to look forward to?

Becky said...

We are actually having a BEAUTIFUL spring day here. Tyler is here to play today. We spent most of the morning outside walking in the woods,throwing rocks in the stream, and playing in the sandbox! The dogwoods are in full bloom. The lilac is so pretty, and the redbuds are just beginning to lose their pretty flowers to leaves. Come home!!Really, we will save lots of pretty days for your May visit.

Audrey said...

Not to make you jealous, but we had a beautiful day:) I just posted it on my family blog. Don't worry your beautiful day will come too! We have had fog, wind and rain for what seems like forever! Then all of sudden out of nowhere- sun!!

Thibodeau fam said...

You might not remeber me~ Katie Flynn is my younger sister. I met you and Marva when I was out visiting Kate in 2003. Anyway....she told me that you have a food blog so I thought I would take a look. Yummy stuff! How do I get the recipe for gooey chocolate cakes?
My e-mail is if you get a minute let me know.
Thanks! Natalie Thibodeau

Jared and Katy said...

Totally know what you mean, I got out my spring clothes, and I'm just waiting when I'll be able to use it!

africa said...

We have plenty down here, but if you take some of our spring then you have to take some of our summer also.

Jaime said...

you'll be in "Joja" soon enuf!! when are you coming again? may what?

Carey said...

I remember how much you loved those baby animals when we would travel on the sports bus in high school.