Friday, April 18, 2008

Ryanne's New Hairdo

I always thought that I wanted my baby girl to have long beautiful locks. It wasn't a big deal when she was smaller, she always let me fix her hair cute and it stayed fairly nice looking as the day went on. But now, she is so active, running and jumping, crawling through things, rolling around on the ground, etc., that her hair always ends up looking messy and crazy! She also is to the point where she takes out her hair clips and bows, so the fix- A haircut!

I was a little cautious at first and last week we just got a little cut off. Then I took her back today and decided to go wit a bob. I think it is really cute, more managable and she loves it.
I am so proud of Ryanne too, because when she was sitting in the chair getting her hair cut, she was soooo good and well behaved!


Becky said...

Ryanne, Your new haircut is so cute! I love you. The haircut will be great for summer and the pool.
Grandma Becky

Holly said...

Darling cut! With only one daughter that will only let me approach her hair with armed with a massive bottle of detangler, I can so sympathize. It's hard when they won't let you fix it and I swear they behave differently when they feel "put together" Kind of like us, I suppose. :)

Jaime said...

soooo cute! it shows off her adorable face and beautiful eyes! and it'll be sooo much easier for you to wash, fix Mary Ann!

Miss Bankhead said...

What a cute little haircut!