Thursday, April 17, 2008

I am Trying Not to Obsess About the Weather

Maybe it is because I have lived in Georgia prior to this for 7 years, but the weather is driving me crazy! I know that is all I have even posted about for awhile, but it is getting a little ridiculous! We had one really nice day this past week where we were able to go outside without shoes, eat ice cream cones, and play, play, play. It was really windy but about 75 or 80 degrees.
I was so excited because I thought that winter and cold were FINALLY gone. Then, the next morning, clouds, rain, snow (Again?) and freezingness. Yesterday and today, more of the same.
If you live in this state, you are feeling my pain, but maybe you are used to it. I am trying not to compare Utah and Georgia, but I long for the days of warm sun, that start early in the year, Georgia is on my mind. It seems like about this time in Georgia you are waiting for the pools to open and just getting excited because it feels like summer! I need warm weather and when it does eventually come to stay-You will not be hearing ANY complaints from me!

Ice cream cones on the front porch

Savannah was making the cutest faces, she loves ice cream

Hanging out and enjoying the SUN


Jaime said...

Savannah's hair is growing in so thick and pretty! Well, actually,just so you don't miss the nice weather too bad, we've been having crazy days. we were under freeze warnings 2or 3 nights this week(which really stinks for people who've already planted, i've learned my lesson from last year and I am only planting after april!) they were actually calling for snow flurries on mond. night, too. today it is finally a typical day with 78 being the high. very strange springs last year and this year for ga.

Skeem's said...

I am totally with you I hate this weather. When I lived in florida we went to the beach in april, and it was hot. I just prefer warm weather, i could move back anytime:)

Anthony & Christel said...

I love ice cream cones on the front porch, how fun!

Stephens Family said...

Love the ice cream cones with the kids wearing long sleeves and long pants! :)

Becky said...

One thing that you missed that you'll be glad about is the pollen! Remember all the yellow? (Or as you and Audrey
I think I'm going to look at baby pictures of me. I just might have a granddaughter who looks like I did as a baby. Savannah may be the one!
Hugs and kisses! Time is drawing nearer for your visit.Yea!

Miss Bankhead said...

mare--it's 80 here! hee hee.