Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Great Way to Celebrate Earth Day

I have to give a shout out to one of my neighbors, Andrea. A couple of weeks ago on her blog she was talking about the recycling program in our county. She had just found out about it and wanted to make sure that everyone was aware that it was possible and easy to recycle here. She was going to make a flyer containing the information about what can be recycled and how to go about doing it, attach a blue recycle trash bag to the flyer and hand them out to our entire neighborhood. Well, she did it! Yesterday I got my first blue bag from her and her children, along with another woman in the neighborhood, who were out walking and distributing the flyers.
So, I am so excited that she took the time and energy to educate everyone in our neighborhood about the recycling program. I am excited about it too, because they have made it really easy on us. We don't have to sort the trash ourselves, just put it in the blue bag and add it to the normal garbage container. Then they will sort it later. So, we started today- there is no time like today to make a difference. Thanks Andrea for all your hard work!


Carey said...

what a great idea. We used to recycle everything we could. Since moving here there isn't anything close by. I would really like to get started again. Not sorting sounds like a dream.

Jaime said...

great idea to make it so easy for the neighbors. we gathered plastic bottles to recycle:) happy earth day!

Kim said...

How cool. In Oregon it was super duper easy to recycle and is easy here to, but Oregon is where I got the itch. Now I just hate throwing recyclable stuff in the garbage it makes me cringe. Glad you're on the band wagon.

Kim's Page said...

I am so happy you said and gave a shout out!