Friday, April 18, 2008

Jonah's first Field Trip and his Dinosaur Sandwich

Jonah had his first Kindergarten Field Trip today. They went on a bus all together with the morning and afternoon classes and he got to pack a lunch. He was sooo excited to show all his friends the Dinosaur Sandwich. He was talking about it all week, ' Don't forget I want a dinosaur sandwich in my lunch'. I thought it was so cute how excited he was about something so simple. Usually he gets out before lunch so he never gets to eat at school with his friends, so this was a big deal.
I found this sandwich cutter at a Kitchen store, but any cookie cutter would work. I am all for something that makes meal time a little more exciting!


Holly said...

We have that same cutter! Love it.

Jaime said...

How cute, I hope you keep a journal for the cute things they do and say. He'll never believe he used to beg for dinosaur sandwich!