Saturday, April 19, 2008

We Did It!

Jonah's interpretation of what happened this morning

Matt and I woke up at 4:50 am and got ready to go to Salt Lake this morning. Gma and Gpa came over the stay with the kids and they met us later. We parked the car, walked to Trax, and went up to The Olympic Bridge on the University of Utah Campus to get started on our half-marathon.
The whole purpose of this adventure for me was to get in shape and have a goal to motivate me and work toward. I am not sure what Matts' goal was, I think just to run it so he could say that he has run a half-marathon.
The great thing about it was that the weather was nice and cool and we had timing chips tied to our shoes, so our exact time started when we crossed the start line instead of when the race actually started. Matt and I were waiting in line for the 50 port a potties when the race actually started, so we were about 10 minutes out from the starting time.
We started out strong and stayed together for about the first 3 miles and Matt said he lost sight of me at mile 4. I was feeling great, running quick and passing people like crazy. My 6 mile time was awesome and I really thought that if I could keep it up I would be really happy with my end time.
Then came the mental wall I hit right about mile 11. I was talking myself out of what I was doing and being so negative (I need to work on that). I didn't stop, but I slowed way down and thought that the race was never going to end.
It did end and Matt ended up finishing right after I did. Found out later he hit the wall at 11 too, but he positively boosted himself to the finish line.
I guess the important thing here, is that we accomplished our goals and finished the race.
I was a little disappointed, but at least I trained so I am not sore! (NO COMMENT BY MATT HERE :)
Our bodies are amazing and the capacity they have to move and train to do these type of events.
I guess it is amazing too, that 4 months ago, I struggled to run 3 miles and today I ran 13.
It was fun and the best part was the canteloupe cubes and chocolate creamies at the finish line- Matt went for a hot dog (after running 13 miles, just looking at that thing made me want to you know what!) and of course, our family cheering us on and showering us with congratulations!


Skeem's said...

Congrats!! I am glad it is over, I hit a wall more like a splitting side ache at mile 11, not fun at all, but I made it and my time was okay, I can't wait for the next one:) are you doing ogden?? It's a great one

Tiffany said...


Audrey said...

Great Job Mare and Matt! I'll have to call to get the details! You hit your wall a mile later than me, so good job on that too. I too have struggled with negative thoughts lately. They are so destructive. I need to think more about the positive it totally changes your world view not to mention the way you think about yourself!

Tara Heiner Blog said...

Congrats!! I hit a wall at mile 9 when I ran my half marathon. What an awesome accomplishment. My blogs going to be going private. Can I get your email. Email me it at

africa said...

I don't know what to say except that I think it is amazing that your brain can talk your body into running that far. I am not quite sure my brain will ever do that for me.

Holly said...


You are a rock! You have such stamina and dedication. WOW! Great job. I cannot imagine attempting that. It's a mental thing with me. It's totally true that our bodies are capable of so much more than we think. Congrats!

Jaime said...

WAy to go!! I think that is awesome. I don't know if I could do it even after training! So, missed yall at party, but you have to view the videos, very funny! can't wait to see ya!!!

Laura said...

good for you...but what i'm really commenting on is the power of music. i was reading your "food for thought" while the bryan adams song came on. it almost brought tears to my eyes and made that quote that much more powerful. chills. glad you kept the music.