Sunday, March 16, 2008

Focusing on Christ during Easter

This is something that I have been wanting to do for awhile now- put the focus during Easter on Jesus Christ. I was thinking about how to best achieve this goal and came across this book-

A Christ Centered Easter: Day-by-Day Activities to Celebrate Easter Week ( the link is to Deseret Book where you can buy the book). I bought it and I am planning on using it this Easter season to help our family focus on Christ instead of the Easter Bunny and colored eggs. Those things are still going to have a place in our celebration, but I am going to try and use some of these ideas to help us really think about why we have this holiday.

This book has a week of activities, scriptures, recipes, stories, plays to act out, crafts to make, lessons or devotionals to do and the best part about it is, that you can do how much or how little you want. It starts on Palm Sunday, a week before Easter, and has plenty of ideas that you can do for the entire week, even if it is just reading a scripture or talking about what Christ was going through on that actual day during that week of his life. It also has the activities labeled so that you will know what would be good for preschoolers, teens, adults or the entire family. I have picked out something for every day of the week preceding Easter and on Easter morning they suggest having a special breakfast and starting a family devotional.

I hope this will help my family really think about why we celebrate Easter and what a significant blessing it is in our lives to have our Savior and the gift of the Resurrection.


Audrey said...

Thanks for sharing! I'll have to call you to get some ideas since it is too late for me to order!

Holly said...

Thank you for sharing this Mary Ann. This time of year is the best! Allison and I just finished our Easter Musical Fireside. I'm so grateful to start my Easter week with thoughts of the Savior and His life, atonement and resurrection. It's such good news, He lives and we will, too!

Jaime said...

Thanks for that idea, I am always wanting ideas on how to keep it focused on the true meaning. The Ensign had great ideas too. I like the idea for a sunrise devotional and then special breakfast before church (omitting the easter bunny stuff and egg hunts after church or a different day)