Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stone Mountain

On Memorial Day, we went to Stone Mountain. We have taken the kids to the Laser show before, but this time we decided to do the hike up the mountain before watching the Laser show. I have done this with Matt before multiple times, but never with our kids, so I was pretty sure there would be some whining and complaining about walking straight up a tall stone mountain. We had a couple of cousins with us too and I have to say that they all made it up to the top without complaining and without asking for help. I was impressed.

We tried to do a top of the mountain shot- but there were a few kids who were really nervous next to the fence and then trying to get 5 kids to look and smile at the camera at the same time, proved to be impossible. But at least we have a picture to remember it by!

I decided I would take a few pics of individuals too. There is Matt.
and Bans. All a little red in the face, well not so much Matt. It was nice and hot. And humid.
The rest of the individuals resisted a personal portrait.
When we made it to the lawn, some other cousins were there waiting for us and saving us some seats (Along with their parents, of course). The kids danced to the music to pass the time until it was dark.
Chicken dance and Isaac's head
The next bunch of pictures were a few that I tried to get of the cousins doing a Congo line. It was pretty funny to watch. They were having fun too. Obviously, I don't have a very hi-tech camera because all of these are blurry, but you get the point. They are still fun shots.

We had a great time. The laser show has improved quite a bit since we were last there and I really liked the Memorial Day tribute/fireworks that celebrated our veterans.

It was a nice night!


Laura Dawn said...

Thanks for posting this, I love seeing pictures of everyone that I miss so much! Can you please tell them to stop growing?

Audrey said...

My boys are still talking about their hike up stone mountain. Thanks for treating them to such a good time!