Thursday, May 19, 2011

Braves win the Championship Game!!

We just got home from a very exciting game!
Jonah's team was definitely the underdog, having been beaten by the Dodgers twice during the regular season. But, the Braves came out strong and took the lead and held on for the win!

Jonah's team had some really talented players, but there were also a few that were not as talented. His coaches were so great though. They let everyone play and were so encouraging. Very classy. They never let Jonah's team taunt the other teams and they never said anything bad about the other teams. They were just so inspirational and I'm so glad that Jonah had them for coaches.

Sometimes the good guys really do come out on top!
Go Braves!!

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bjandcec said...

Yay! Jonah, all that practicing really paid off!